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Youth Arrested in UP After Fatal Accident Involving Girl on Bicycle: Dupatta Pulled, Tragic Outcome

In a tragic incident in Uttar Pradesh, a youth has been arrested following a fatal accident involving a young girl on a bicycle. The heartbreaking incident occurred when the youth allegedly pulled the dupatta of the girl while she was riding her bicycle, leading to a fatal outcome. The accused has been taken into custody as the authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.

A startling incident has recently come to light in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. Several Youth individuals riding a bike reportedly pulled the dupatta of a girl who was riding her bicycle. Tragically, due to this act of pulling her dupatta, the girl fell from her bicycle and sustained serious injuries. A video capturing this incident has gone viral on social media platforms, sparking widespread outrage and concern. Authorities are likely to investigate the matter further to bring the culprits to justice.

Following the viral video of the incident, law enforcement swiftly took action, leading to the apprehension of all the individuals involved in the case. According to the police, this unfortunate incident occurred in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.

A group of young individuals deliberately pulled the scarf of a girl who was riding a bicycle, causing her to fall

In the viral video circulating on social media, the footage captures the victim riding her bicycle along the roadside with a friend. Suddenly, the accused individuals arrive on a motorcycle and forcibly tug at her scarf (dupatta). This action destabilizes the girl’s balance on the bicycle, resulting in her falling to the ground.

Tragic Fatality: Girl Passes Away After Being Hit by Bike from Behind

After falling from her bicycle due to the dupatta being pulled, the girl was struck by a bike approaching from behind. This unfortunate incident resulted in severe injuries to the girl. She was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical attention and treatment. Tragically, despite efforts to save her, the girl succumbed to her injuries while undergoing treatment.

Police Arrest All Three Accused in Tragic Bicycle Dupatta Incident

Police have identified the individuals responsible for this incident as Faisal, Shahbaz, and Arbaaz, and all three have been apprehended by law enforcement. During the process of conducting medical examinations on the accused, one of them attempted to escape and even resorted to firing at the police officers. Consequently, all three suspects sustained injuries as a result of the police firing. They are presently receiving medical treatment while under police custody.


Youth Arrested in UP After Fatal Accident Involving Girl on Bicycle: Dupatta Pulled, Tragic Outcome
Youth Arrested in UP After Fatal Accident Involving Girl on Bicycle: Dupatta Pulled, Tragic Outcome


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