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Violent Brawl Erupts at Noida Mall Bar, Featuring Punches and Kicks in Disturbing Video

Violent Brawl Erupts at Noida Mall Bar, Featuring Punches and Kicks in Disturbing Video

Footage of the incident Noida Mall Bar that has come to light depicts a chaotic scene, with men engaged in aggressive physical altercations. In the video, they can be seen pushing, kicking, and shoving one another while exchanging verbal insults, leading to a tumultuous and unsettling situation.

A violent brawl erupted at the ‘F Bar & Lounge’ in Gardens Galleria Mall in Noida on Saturday night, and videos capturing the incident have since gone viral on social media. The confrontation unfolded when two groups of men engaged in a heated argument that quickly escalated into physical altercations.


Gardens Galleria Noida Mall
Gardens Galleria Noida Mall


The disturbing visuals that have emerged depict individuals seemingly under the influence of alcohol, engaged in aggressive behavior such as pushing, kicking, shoving, and hurling verbal abuse at one another. The situation escalated to the point where alcohol bottles were even being used as projectiles. The precise cause of the altercation remains unknown at this time.

Efforts to defuse the situation were made by many, including the bar’s staff, but both parties remained unwilling to de-escalate the conflict. An investigation has been launched to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Gardens Galleria Mall in Noida has unfortunately made headlines for drunken clashes on multiple occasions. In December 2022, a confrontation occurred at the ‘Sutra’ restro-bar after two intoxicated individuals engaged in an argument. Prior to that incident, a tragic event unfolded when a 30-year-old man lost his life during a brawl allegedly involving employees of Gardens Galleria Mall, related to a bill payment dispute. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida) Ranvijay Singh provided details of the incident, stating that it took place at the Lost Lemons resto-bar within the mall.

The altercation originated when the victim and his colleagues were at the restro-bar for a party. At around 11 p.m., a dispute arose between them and the bar staff over the payment of a bill. Regrettably, the argument rapidly escalated into a physical brawl, resulting in serious injuries to Brajesh, who was promptly transported to a nearby hospital where he tragically passed away. In response to the incident, the restro-bar was sealed, and 16 of its employees were detained. This particular incident occurred in April 2022, marking a concerning pattern of violent incidents within the mall’s vicinity.



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