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Train Derailment in Bihar Kills 4 and Injures Many; Investigation Underway

A train derailed in Bihar, causing the death of four people and injuring many others. The incident is currently under investigation by railway officials to determine the cause of the derailment. The tragic accident took place in the state of Bihar, India.

In Bihar’s Buxar, six coaches of the Delhi-Kamakhya North East Express derailed, resulting in the tragic death of at least four individuals and causing injuries to several others. The incident occurred around 9:35 pm near Raghunathpur station. Among the derailed coaches, two AC III Tier coaches overturned, while four other coaches went off the tracks. This happened to train number 12506, the North East Express, which was traveling from Anand Vihar Terminal to Kamakhya, and the derailment occurred near Raghunathpur station in the Danapur division.


Train Derailment in Bihar Kills 4 and Injures Many; Investigation Underway
Train Derailment in Bihar Kills 4 and Injures Many; Investigation Underway


The Northern Railways has provided helpline contact numbers for assistance. You can reach out to them for help and information at these numbers: PNBE – 9771449971, DNR – 8905697493, ARA – 8306182542, COML CNL – 7759070004.

A tragic incident has occurred as 4 casualties have been confirmed, and a total of 21 coaches from the train have derailed, according to Tarun Prakash, the general manager of East Central Railways (ECR). The cause of this accident will be thoroughly investigated once the rescue operation has concluded.

Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw shared an update that the evacuation and rescue operations have been successfully completed. All coaches have been inspected, and passengers will be transferred to a special train for their onward journey. Earlier, he expressed his appreciation for the collaborative efforts of NDRF, SDRF, district administration, railway officials, and local residents working together in the rescue operation. Injured passengers have been taken to the hospital, and the focus is on restoring the railway tracks after the rescue operation.

This 23-coach train commenced its journey from Anand Vihar terminal in Delhi at 7:40 am on Wednesday, destined for Kamakhya, which is approximately 6 kilometers away from Guwahati. Local residents and police officials swiftly responded to the scene, providing assistance and aiding in the rescue efforts.

The government has issued a statement regarding the train derailment incident. Earlier, the Assam Chief Minister’s Office revealed that the government was closely monitoring the unfortunate derailment of Train Number 12506 in Raghunathpur. They are in contact with district authorities in Buxar and other relevant agencies.

Following the mishap, Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav instructed the departments of disaster management and health to swiftly initiate relief efforts to assist as many people as possible. He also communicated with the district magistrates of Buxar and Bhojpur to expedite relief work.

The Chief Public Relations Officer of the East Central Railway zone, Birendra Kumar, shared that the accident occurred shortly after the train departed from Buxar station for Ara, near Raghunathpur station, where the train doesn’t usually stop. Immediate relief measures were launched, with ambulances and medical personnel dispatched to the scene. Additionally, a scratch rake was sent from Patna to transport passengers from the accident site. A scratch rake is a temporary train configuration similar to the original one.

Deepak Kumar, an inspector from the Railway Police Force, informed that medical teams had been sent to the site, and the district administration had alerted local hospitals in Buxar town.

As a result of the train derailment incident on Wednesday, the Indian Railways took several actions. Two trains were canceled, and 21 others were diverted onto different routes. The canceled trains are the Kashi Patna Jan Shatabdi Express (15125) and Patna Kashi Jan Shatabdi Express (15126).

The list of trains that were diverted includes Pune-Danapur SF Express (12149), Patliputra SF Express (12141), Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express (12424), Vikramshila Express (12368), Kamakhya Express (15623), Guwahati Express (15633), Rajendra Nagar Terminal Tejas Rajdhani Express (12310), Bhagalpur Garib Rath Express (22406), Anvt Rdp Express (22488), and more.

Emergency helpline numbers were also provided to assist passengers during this situation. The helpline numbers are as follows: 9771449971 (Patna), 8905697493 (Danapur), 8306182542 (Ara), 8306182542 (Commercial Control CNL), and 7759070004. Additional helpline numbers for passengers include: New Delhi (01123341074, 9717631960), Anand Vihar Terminal (9717632791), Commercial Control Delhi Division (9717633779), Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction (9794849461, 8081206628), Commercial Control of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction (8081212134), Pryagraj (0532-2408128, 0532-2407353, 0532-2408149), Fatehpur (05180-222026, 05180-222025, 05180-222436), Kanpur (0512-2323016, 0512-2323015, 0512-2323018), Etawah (7525001249), Tundala (05612-220338, 05612-220339, 05612-220337), and Aligarh (0571-2409348).

War rooms were established to monitor and facilitate the early restoration of the coaches, as stated by a railway official.

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