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Tragic news: Over 50 Lives Lost in Himachal Pradesh in 24 Hours; Multiple Still Trapped at Landslide-Hit Temple in Shimla

Tragic news: Over 50 Lives Lost in Himachal Pradesh in 24 Hours; Multiple Still Trapped at Landslide-Hit Temple in Shimla

In the Kandaghat sub-division of Solan, a cloudburst has taken place in Jadon village. This sudden event has led to the flooding and destruction of two houses and a cowshed due to the heavy and abrupt downpour of rainwater.

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Kandaghat, Siddhartha Acharya, mentioned that a cloudburst happened in Jadon village. This caused the unfortunate loss of seven lives, as reported by ANI news agency. Additionally, three people are missing, and five individuals were successfully rescued from the aftermath of the incident.

Acharya explained, “Five people have passed away, three are missing, and five were saved after a cloudburst occurred in Jadon village of Kandaghat subdivision in Solan.” Due to heavy rain for the past day, there have been landslides in Himachal Pradesh, leading to closed roads and widespread damage. The Shimla-Chandigarh road is currently not open for buses and trucks because of the weather situation.


  • Temple Affected by Landslides Amidst Adverse Weather Conditions

The earthquake that hit the temple raised concerns about the safety of nearby buildings. The Superintendent of Police in Shimla, Sanjeev Kumar Gandhi, mentioned that this event has left a number of people stranded.

Because of the continuous heavy rainfall, the Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu decided to close all schools and colleges in the state from August 13 until August 14. The Chief Minister’s Office of Himachal Pradesh expressed deep sadness upon hearing about the tragic incident where a cloudburst happened in Village Jadon, Dhawla Sub-Tehsil, Solan District.

This event led to the loss of 7 lives. The Chief Minister sent his heartfelt sympathies to the families who are grieving. On Sunday, a conductor on a private bus got hurt when a tree fell on the vehicle due to the storm, causing the tree to uproot.

Because of the heavy rain, there are 621 roads in the state that can’t be used by vehicles. The state’s emergency operation center shared this information. In different areas, there are many roads that are closed due to the rain. In Mandi district, 236 roads are closed, while in Shimla, 59 roads are shut, and in Bilaspur, 40 roads are not usable.


  • Landslide Causes Blockage on National Highway 205 Near Bilaspur

The Shimla-Kalka National Highway is an important road that connects Shimla to Chandigarh. However, it has been seriously affected by landslides that have been happening repeatedly in the last few weeks. These landslides have caused a lot of problems with transportation. This road was first blocked on August 2 because of a big landslide, but it was opened again on August 8. But now, only small vehicles are allowed to use this road, according to the Solan district administration.

Earthquakes in Gomu village and Jawali village in Sakaghat district of Mandi district are causing damage to land and houses. This information was provided by Mandi SP Soumya Sambsivan, who went to the affected area. In Hamirpur district, incessant rains and landslides have caused extensive damage, especially near the Beas River and its tributaries. Farms, houses and buildings in many parts of Hamilpur were badly affected.


  • Current situation in Himachal

The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, shared that the state has experienced a very sad situation where more than 50 people lost their lives in the past day. Additionally, there are currently more than 20 individuals who are stuck and unable to move.


Monsoon fury: At least 50 dead in rain-related incidents in Himachal
Monsoon fury: At least 50 dead in rain-related incidents in Himachal


The number of people who have been hurt might increase. Right now, the main focus is on finding and saving those who are in trouble. Because of the situation, it has been decided that there won’t be any cultural events held for Independence Day.


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