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Sweden Plans Unprecedented ‘Building by Building’ Relocation of 18,000-Person City – know why?

In Sweden, they’re planning something quite unusual. They want to move an entire city of 18,000 people, one building at a time. But why are they doing this? Well, it’s because the ground underneath the city is not stable. It’s sinking, and that’s not safe for the people living there. So, instead of risking their safety, they’re going to relocate the entire city to a more stable area. It’s a massive and complicated task, but it’s all about keeping the residents safe.

In Sweden, there’s a small town called Kiruna, and it’s going to undergo an extraordinary transformation. They’re going to move the entire town, building by building, to a new location. Why, you might ask? Well, the town has a mining history, and valuable minerals were discovered there. But this mining caused the ground to sink, leading to damage to important buildings like schools and hospitals.


Sweden Plans Unprecedented 'Building by Building' Relocation of 18,000-Person City
Sweden Plans Unprecedented ‘Building by Building’ Relocation of 18,000-Person City


Kiruna, with its 18,000 residents, is situated 125 miles above the Arctic Circle. Recently, it was revealed that the town sits on a massive deposit of rare earth elements, which are crucial for making things like electric car batteries and wind turbines. Kiruna’s story has been closely tied to its mine, which has been operated by the Swedish government-owned company LAB since the town’s founding in 1900.

The extensive endeavor to relocate Kiruna to a new location, situated 1.9 miles east of its current site, is expected to conclude in the year 2026. Among the prominent structures being moved, the cherished church, which has been a cornerstone of the community since its inauguration in 1912, stands out.

Vicar Lena Tjärnberg aptly likened the church to “the living room of the community,” underscoring its central role in the lives of Kiruna’s residents. Its relocation carries immense significance for both the local populace and the city at large.

Deputy Prime Minister Ebba Busch emphasized the importance of preserving the church, stating, “It is very important to move the church for us and for the city. People are very happy about that… that the church is going to the new city, and is not going to be torn down.” He further expressed the anticipation among the people for the day when this monumental relocation becomes a reality, highlighting the positive outlook surrounding this transformative project.

The remarkable success of mining activities in Kiruna, where the mine has yielded the equivalent of six Eiffel Towers’ worth of ore every day, has led to an unforeseen predicament. The extensive extraction of resources from the mine has triggered land deformation along its western boundary, posing a significant hazard to the town’s inhabitants.

Reports have revealed the presence of cracks in vital structures like the hospital and a local school, rendering them unsafe for occupancy. Faced with this growing risk, many residents of Kiruna have come to view relocation as an opportunity for enhancement and a means of ensuring their safety, according to the Mirror report.

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