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Spain Football Chief Luis Rubiales Suspended Following FIFA Women’s World Cup Kiss Controversy

Spain Football Chief Luis Rubiales Suspended Following FIFA Women’s World Cup Kiss Controversy

In response to the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup kiss controversy, the International Football Association FIFA has taken decisive action by announcing the provisional suspension of Luis Rubiales, the head of Spain’s football association. This suspension comes as a result of a pending review by FIFA’s disciplinary committee, which is tasked with examining the circumstances surrounding the controversial incident.


Spain Footballer Chief Luis Rubiales
Spain Footballer Chief Luis Rubiales


According to an official statement from FIFA, Luis Rubiales has been temporarily suspended from all football-related activities for an initial duration of 90 days. This move demonstrates FIFA’s commitment to addressing matters of inappropriate behavior and maintaining the integrity of the sport while awaiting the committee’s findings.

In an effort to uphold essential principles such as the well-being of the national soccer team player Ms. Jennifer Hermoso and the smooth progression of disciplinary procedures, the chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has introduced two supplementary directives (under article 7 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code).

These directives stipulate that Mr. Luis Rubiales is obligated to abstain from initiating communication or any attempts to communicate, both personally and through intermediaries, with the professional player of the Spanish national football team, Ms. Jennifer Hermoso, or individuals within her immediate circle.

This proclamation, as articulated in a recent FIFA statement, underscores the organization’s commitment to ensuring a respectful and equitable environment and underscores the significance of adhering to these guidelines during the disciplinary proceedings.

As stipulated in the statement, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and all associated officials or employees are explicitly directed to observe a restraint from engaging in any form of communication with the professional player of the Spanish national team, Ms. Jennifer Hermoso, as well as individuals in her immediate vicinity.

This directive, applicable both directly and indirectly, underscores the importance of maintaining a respectful and appropriate boundary, while respecting the privacy and well-being of Ms. Hermoso and those connected to her. The issuance of this directive aligns with FIFA’s commitment to fostering an environment of fairness and propriety and emphasizes the significance of adhering to these guidelines for the duration of the proceedings.

Demand for Resignation Grows Following Controversial World Cup Kiss Incident

The decision to suspend the leader of Spain’s football association follows a bold stance taken by the Spanish women’s team, who chose to boycott further matches as long as Luis Rubiales remained at the helm of the football organization. Rubiales has been facing intense criticism for his conduct during the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup held in Australia, during which he garnered attention for his controversial actions.

These actions included kissing Spain’s football star Jennifer Hermoso on the lips in a celebratory moment after a victory and engaging in other inappropriate gestures. The suspension, prompted by Rubiales’ actions and the team’s refusal to accept his continued leadership, underscores the seriousness with which the incident is being addressed within the football community.

In the wake of an incident that sparked significant public outrage and prompted calls for his resignation, Luis Rubiales has taken the step of issuing an apology. The incident, which evoked strong public anger, has even led to demands for Rubiales’ departure, including from Spain’s second deputy prime minister. In response, Rubiales acknowledged, “Surely I was wrong, I have to admit. It was without bad faith at a time of maximum effusiveness,” as reported by Reuters. This statement reflects Rubiales’ recognition of his lapse in judgment during a moment of heightened emotion, as he addresses the controversy that has enveloped him and garnered widespread attention.



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