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Shubman Gill’s Century in IND vs BAN Match Earns Him a Scolding from Yuvraj Singh: ‘Stay Focused on the Game’

In the recent IND vs BAN match, Shubman Gill’s impressive century did not spare him from receiving a scolding by Yuvraj Singh. Gill’s outstanding performance on the field was marred by distractions that prompted Yuvraj Singh, a former Indian cricketer, to remind him to stay focused on the game. While Gill showcased his batting prowess with a century, maintaining concentration throughout the game remained a valuable lesson for the young cricketer.

IND vs BAN: New Delhi witnessed a promising start to the Asia Cup 2023 as Rohit Sharma and his team displayed brilliance on the field. The team seemed to be cruising toward victory, but Bangladesh applied the brakes on their triumphant journey just one step away from the final. India’s batting performance appeared fragile in this crucial match.

However, amidst this fragility, Shubman Gill’s innings shone as a testament to his ability to potentially carry the team to victory single-handedly. Yet, at a pivotal moment in the match, the young batsman departed, leaving the team hanging. Despite Gill’s stellar century, former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh offered both praise and a scolding for the young talent.


Shubman Gill's Century in IND vs BAN Match Earns Him a Scolding from Yuvraj Singh: 'Stay Focused on the Game'
Shubman Gill’s Century in IND vs BAN Match Earns Him a Scolding from Yuvraj Singh: ‘Stay Focused on the Game’


In 2023, Shubman Gill has showcased outstanding performances on the global cricket stage, earning recognition for his exceptional batting skills. Surprisingly, even cricket stalwarts like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli couldn’t match his run tally during the year. In the match against Bangladesh, when the Indian team was teetering on the edge of a potential collapse, Gill emerged as a resilient force, amassing a remarkable 121 runs.

As the odds tilted in favor of Team India, Gill’s approach became more aggressive, and he ventured into riskier shots. However, a poorly judged stroke led to his dismissal, drawing criticism from none other than Yuvraj Singh himself.

After his century against Bangladesh, Shubman Gill took to Instagram to send a message to Sri Lanka, expressing his readiness for the final. He wrote, “Today was not enough, but everything is set for the final.” Yuvraj Singh commented on Gill’s post, criticizing his dismissal, saying, “A bad shot to get out, you could have won the game alone, but unfortunately, no one else played well.”

Shubman Gill has emerged as the highest run-scorer in 2023, with a remarkable tally of 6 international centuries. Surpassing the legendary Virat Kohli, who has scored 5 centuries this year, Gill’s outstanding century against Bangladesh solidified his position at the top of the charts.

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