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Shortage of Eye Flu Medicine in Medical Shops; Black Market Emerges, Patients Resorting to Cross-Border Solutions from Nepal

Shortage of Eye Flu Medicine in Medical Shops; Black Market Emerges, Patients Resorting to Cross-Border Solutions from Nepal

In Maharajganj, a concerning situation has arisen with regards to eye flu. A patient who has been battling an infection for the past three days expressed frustration as the necessary medication remains unavailable in the local market. Despite persistent requests, the medicine store owners are offering alternatives priced between 100 to 200 rupees.

In a desperate bid to address this issue, patients are left with no choice but to acquire the required medicine from Nepal. This decision is influenced by the affordability of the medication across the border and the added advantage of having access to eye specialists in Nepal.

In Jasan, Nichlaul, a concerning situation has unfolded as eye flu medicine has mysteriously vanished from the local medical stores. This abrupt shortage has caused significant challenges for individuals suffering from eye flu. Compelled by the circumstances, people are left with no option but to purchase more costly alternative eye drops.


Individuals suffering from eye flu
Individuals suffering from eye flu


Adding to the frustration, reports suggest that the medicine is being discreetly distributed in some places, while in others, it is being illicitly sold on the black market. This scarcity has left the affected individuals grappling with both medical and financial concerns.

Amidst the rapid spread of eye flu in the region, patients are encountering a distressing challenge: the unavailability of essential eye drops. Local drug stores are grappling with a shortage of these crucial supplies, leaving those afflicted with eye flu in a difficult situation.

Faced with this scarcity, affected individuals are reluctantly resorting to purchasing more expensive eye drops. The gravity of the situation has escalated to the point where people are now compelled to cross the border into Nepal to procure the necessary medications due to their shortage in the area.

The surge in individuals seeking treatment in Nepal can be attributed to local shopkeepers inflating the prices of medicines. Witnessing this issue, a significant number of eye patients have opted to seek care at eye hospitals across the border in Nepal. The combination of unreasonably high medication prices and the scarcity of essential eye drops has driven affected individuals to explore alternative avenues for treatment, emphasizing the challenges posed by the current situation.

Having grappled with an eye infection for the past three days, the situation has grown increasingly dire. The necessary medication remains conspicuously absent from the local market, leaving the patient in a distressing predicament. Despite persistent efforts, the medicine shopkeepers are offering alternatives that range between 100 to 200 rupees.

Constrained by the circumstances, the patient is left with no option but to acquire the medicine from Maharajganj out of necessity. However, if relief remains elusive, the individual contemplates making the journey to Nepal, where both medical expertise and the required medication are available.

Eye patients can find solace at the Community Health Center, where the much-needed eye drops are reportedly available. Those in need can obtain the medication by procuring a prescription from the hospital. However, the availability of eye drops in private shops remains uncertain. Any potential discrepancies, such as inflated pricing, will be subject to investigation to ensure fair and ethical practices in the distribution of essential medications.

Insight from Dr. Angresh Singh, Superintendent of CHC


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