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Realme GT NEO 2 Gaming Mobile Under 25,999

Realme GT NEO 2

Realme GT Neo 2 is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Realme GT Neo. This smartphone is expected to come with enhanced features and improved performance. While specific details might vary, it’s likely to offer a powerful processor, ample RAM, and a high refresh rate display for smooth visuals. Realme has a history of delivering competitive devices in terms of both specifications.

GT Mode 2.0

GT Mode 2.0 brings an advanced level of gaming performance to the Realme GT Neo 2, focusing on delivering a smoother and faster gaming experience. This updated gaming mode is designed to optimize the device’s performance while playing games, ensuring that they run seamlessly and without any lag. With GT Mode 2.0, Realme aims to provide gamers with enhanced graphics, reduced latency, and improved overall responsiveness during gameplay. This feature underscores Realme’s commitment to catering to gamers by prioritizing a high-quality gaming experience on their devices.


Powering the Realme GT Neo 2 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G processor, a high-performance chipset that brings speedy capabilities to the table. With a CPU clock speed of up to 3.2GHz, this processor ensures swift and efficient multitasking, allowing you to navigate through tasks seamlessly. Notably, the inclusion of 5G support enables faster internet connectivity, enhancing your online experiences. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or engaging in other activities, the Snapdragon 870 processor equips the GT Neo 2 with the muscle it needs to handle demanding tasks with ease.

65W SuperDart Charge

Realme GT Neo 2 features a robust charging solution with its 65W SuperDart Charge technology, ensuring rapid and efficient charging for your device. Paired with the substantial 5000mAh battery, this combination guarantees extended usage without the worry of running out of power quickly. The 65W SuperDart Charge capability not only speeds up the recharging process but also helps to keep up with your busy lifestyle. With a focus on convenience and longevity, Realme has equipped the GT Neo 2 with a powerful battery and fast-charging capabilities, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your device and less time waiting for it to recharge.

120Hz E4 AMOLED Display

Realme GT Neo 2 boasts a stunning visual experience with its 120Hz E4 AMOLED display. This advanced display technology ensures smooth and vibrant visuals, making everything from scrolling through content to watching videos feel incredibly fluid. With a DCI-P3 color coverage of 100% (typical), the display produces rich and accurate colors, enhancing your viewing pleasure. Additionally, the impressive peak brightness of 1300 nits ensures that the screen remains easily readable even in bright outdoor environments. Realme’s focus on display quality shines through in the GT Neo 2, offering users a high-quality, immersive visual experience for various activities.

64MP AI Triple Camera

Unleash your photography skills with the Realme GT Neo 2’s versatile camera system, headlined by a 64MP AI triple camera. This high-resolution setup captures detailed and vibrant images, allowing you to preserve every moment with exceptional clarity. A standout feature is the Street Photography Mode, tailored to urban settings and bustling scenes. This mode enhances your ability to capture the essence of streetscapes and city life, lending a unique perspective to your photos. Realme’s camera technology, including the 64MP AI triple camera and Street Photography Mode, empowers you to create captivating visuals that reflect your creativity and passion for photography.

Dual Stereo Speakers

Realme GT Neo 2 comes equipped with dual stereo speakers that are enhanced by Dolby Atmos technology. This combination delivers a more immersive and dynamic sound profile, whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to music. The dual stereo speakers ensure a balanced audio output, while Dolby Atmos further enriches the sound by creating a three-dimensional effect that surrounds you. Realme’s attention to audio quality and technology integration in the GT Neo 2 results in a more engaging and enjoyable auditory experience that complements the device’s impressive visual features.

TactileEngine 2.0

Enhancing the tactile experience of the Realme GT Neo 2 is the Tactile Engine 2.0, featuring an X-axis Linear Motor. This technology introduces a heightened level of haptic feedback, providing more precise and responsive vibrations to your interactions. Whether you’re typing, gaming, or navigating through your device, the Tactile Engine 2.0 ensures that every touch and gesture is met with a satisfying and realistic tactile response. This innovation adds a new dimension to the overall user experience, making interactions with the GT Neo 2 feel more engaging and intuitive, further distinguishing the device in terms of its attention to detail and user-centric design.

Stainless Steel Vapour Cooling Plus

Realme GT Neo 2 goes the extra mile in terms of heat management with its Stainless Steel Vapour Cooling Plus system, featuring a 4129mm² stainless steel VC (Vapor Chamber) heat sink. This innovative cooling solution efficiently dissipates heat from the device, preventing overheating during intense usage, such as gaming or resource-heavy tasks. By utilizing stainless steel as part of the cooling mechanism, Realme ensures better thermal conductivity and durability. The combination of these cooling technologies ensures that the device maintains optimal performance even during extended usage sessions, contributing to a smoother and more comfortable experience overall.



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