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Rakhi Sawant Undertakes Umrah After Embracing Islam, Urges Fans to Address Her as ‘Fatima’

Rakhi Sawant Undertakes Umrah After Embracing Islam, Urges Fans to Address Her as ‘Fatima’

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant has been making headlines recently due to ongoing controversies involving her husband Adil Khan Durrani. Amidst this backdrop, the actress journeyed to Mecca-Medina to partake in the sacred ritual of Umrah, a pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims. Notably, a video capturing Rakhi’s participation in Umrah has emerged, sparking further attention. In the aftermath of Adil Khan’s release from confinement, he had levied a series of weighty allegations against Rakhi Sawant. As her Umrah video circulates widely, it adds another layer to the ongoing saga surrounding the actress and her husband.


Rakhi Sawant Undertakes Umrah After Embracing Islam,
Rakhi Sawant Undertakes Umrah After Embracing Islam,


New Delhi, JNN. Rakhi Sawant, known for her stint on ‘Bigg Boss,’ remains no stranger to controversies. Once again, she finds herself at the center of attention. Her husband, Adil Khan, has been released from jail and has chosen to confront Rakhi publicly, leveling a series of grave accusations against her. Amidst this ongoing drama, the ‘Controversial Queen’ has embarked on a journey to Mecca-Medina to undertake her inaugural Umrah pilgrimage. This development adds a new layer of intrigue to Rakhi Sawant’s narrative, as her actions continue to captivate public interest.

Rakhi Sawant embarked on her inaugural Umrah pilgrimage, marking her first such undertaking after embracing Islam. A video capturing the actress’s experience has emerged across social media platforms, depicting her amidst a crowd of admirers. During her visit to Madina, Rakhi Sawant was attired in a burqa, maintaining a modest appearance as she engaged with her surroundings. Notably, she graciously posed for photographs with her fans. At a particular juncture, when a fan addressed her as Rakhi, she gently corrected him, expressing her preference to be called Fatima. This interaction showcases her newfound identity following her conversion to Islam.

Rakhi Sawant displayed her devotion by sharing a video on her Instagram account, portraying her engaged in prayer before Allah. The video has garnered mixed reactions, with some appreciating her sincerity, while others engage in light-hearted banter. Among the comments, one user humorously remarked, “The cat went for Haj after eating a hundred rats.” Another individual urged Rakhi to tone down the theatrics, expressing their discomfort with the dramatic portrayal. In a similar vein, a commentator advised her to maintain a genuine approach during her Umrah, implying the significance of sincere actions over theatrical displays. The video continues to elicit varied responses, underscoring the diverse range of perspectives surrounding Rakhi Sawant’s spiritual journey.

Rakhi Sawant underwent a religious conversion to Islam as a result of her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani. The actress clandestinely tied the knot with Adil in May 2022, with this information only being disclosed by Rakhi herself in January 2023. Following the revelation of their Nikah, the relationship between Rakhi and Adil deteriorated rapidly, leading to a contentious situation. Rakhi Sawant subsequently filed a police complaint against her husband, levying substantial accusations against him.

Adil’s prolonged incarceration in Mysore jail for the past six months has further exacerbated the complexities of Rakhi’s situation. Upon his release from jail, Adil has branded Rakhi Sawant as a fabricator, categorically refuting the allegations made against him. During a press conference, Adil addressed the matter with gravity, making serious counter-allegations against Rakhi and even expressing intentions to take legal action against her. This ongoing narrative portrays the intricate web of events and disputes that have enveloped Rakhi Sawant’s life since her religious conversion and marriage.

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