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Nainital Visit Takes a Dark Turn: Husband Brings Wife from Moradabad, Allegedly Administers Poison in Hotel Room

Nainital Visit Takes a Dark Turn: Husband Brings Wife from Moradabad, Allegedly Administers Poison in Hotel Room

On August 1, a grim incident unfolded in Moradabad, with the discovery of the lifeless body of Iram Khan in a hotel room. Mohammad Gulzar, who had accompanied Iram, was reportedly nowhere to be found, having fled the scene. Following the subsequent day’s post-mortem examination, the deceased’s relatives took custody of the body.

In connection to this tragedy, Mohammad Gulzar and three alleged accomplices faced severe accusations of kidnapping and murder, as lodged by Farheen Warsi, a resident of Lal Nagri in Moradabad and the sister of the deceased victim.

In a distressing incident reported by the Jagran Online team from Nainital, it has been revealed that Iram Khan, a tourist from Moradabad, met a tragic end as she was allegedly administered a fatal dose of poison (sulfas) within a hotel situated in Tallital. Shockingly, the prime suspect behind this heinous act is none other than Iram’s second husband, who had accompanied her on the ill-fated trip. Following intensive investigations, the accused has been apprehended and subsequently incarcerated.


poison (sulfas) Aluminum_Phosphide
poison (sulfas) Aluminum_Phosphide


Lifeless Body Uncovered in Tragic Incident

The events of August 1 marked a somber turn as the lifeless body of Iram Khan, hailing from Moradabad, was discovered within a hotel room. Her companion, Mohammad Gulzar, who had accompanied her, had reportedly absconded from the scene. Subsequently, on the following day, post-mortem procedures were conducted, and the deceased’s family claimed her remains.

Farheen Warsi, Iram Khan’s sister and a resident of Lal Nagri, Moradabad, took a decisive step by accusing Mohammad Gulzar and his three alleged associates of complicity in kidnapping and murder. In response to these grave allegations, the police initiated action by filing a First Information Report (FIR) under the murder section, delving into the tragic circumstances surrounding the case.

Accused Surrenders to Police Following Murder Incident

In the pursuit of Mohammad Gulzar, Nainital police initiated a search within Moradabad. However, a surprising turn of events occurred when Gulzar, accompanied by a friend who was a lawyer, voluntarily presented himself at the Tallital police station. Upon assessing the available information, the police refrained from making an immediate arrest due to the lack of clarity regarding the cause of death, as indicated by the post-mortem report.

Moreover, insufficient evidence tying the accused to the crime was noted. Following a statement provided by Gulzar, he was released from custody. In an effort to ascertain the exact cause of death, the police directed the post-mortem samples to the Bisra Rudrapur lab for further examination.

CO Vibha Dixit, speaking on Sunday, disclosed that the Bisra report conclusively established Iram’s demise as a result of sulfas consumption. Subsequently, the primary accused in the case, identified as Mohammad Gulzar, son of Sadiq, and residing on Karula Rehmat Nagar’s fourth street near Ghulam Rasool Masjid police station in Katghar district, Moradabad, was apprehended by the authorities. The arrest follows intensive investigations into the matter.

According to police statements, it has come to light that both Iram and Gulzar were in their second marriages. Adding a disturbing layer to the case, it was revealed that in 2020, Iram had lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against Gulzar, accusing him of rape. This ongoing legal case was being adjudicated in a Moradabad court.

In light of this contentious situation, it appears that Gulzar’s intentions took a dark and sinister turn. Allegedly, he brought Iram to Nainital in a bid to evade the legal proceedings in Moradabad. Tragically, this unsettling plan culminated in the alleged administration of sulfas, ultimately leading to Iram’s tragic demise.


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