Friday, May 24

Militant Group Issues Threat to Shut Down Indian Embassy Amid India’s Dispute with Canada’s PM Trudeau

Amidst the ongoing dispute between India and Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, a militant group has issued a concerning threat to shut down the Indian Embassy. Tensions have escalated, with this threat adding to the diplomatic challenges faced by both nations. The situation remains a matter of serious concern and diplomatic efforts are underway to address the issue and ensure the safety and security of all involved parties.

A militant group based in Canada has issued a threat to India, demanding the closure of the Indian Embassy in Ottawa and the recall of High Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Verma. This threat emerged shortly after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


"Militant Group Issues Threat to Shut Down Indian Embassy Amid India's Dispute with Canada's PM Trudeau"
“Militant Group Issues Threat to Shut Down Indian Embassy Amid India’s Dispute with Canada’s PM Trudeau”


Trudeau’s extended stay in India, due to a plane issue during his attendance at the G20 Leaders’ Summit, coincided with his subdued presence at the event, even missing the official G20 gala dinner.

The militant group holds the PM Modi-led Indian government responsible for what they perceive as disrespect towards Trudeau. This threat marks the second in 48 hours, with the group warning that consequences would follow if PM Modi did not recall his ambassador. The group claims that all terror-related activities originate from Canada and places the blame on leadership.

Trudeau’s extended stay in India has taken place amid lukewarm relations between New Delhi and the Canadian PM. During their talks on the sidelines of the G20 Summit, Modi expressed strong concerns to Trudeau about the ongoing anti-India activities of extremist elements in Canada.

These elements have been accused of promoting secessionism, inciting violence against Indian diplomats, and threatening the Indian community in Canada. Modi emphasized the importance of a relationship founded on “mutual respect and trust” for the progress of the India-Canada relationship.

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