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MIA vs SKC: Inter Miami Secures 3-2 Victory Over Sporting Kansas City: Campana and Farias Shine as Messi Sits Out

MIA vs SKC: Inter Miami Secures 3-2 Victory Over Sporting Kansas City: Campana and Farias Shine as Messi Sits Out

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 04:33

MIA vs SKC: Welcome Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s live coverage of the Major League Soccer match between Inter Miami and Sporting KC at the DRV PNK Stadium in Lauderdale, Florida. Stay with us as we provide you with live updates and highlights from this exciting encounter.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 04:38

Streaming/Telecast Information

  • Kick-off Time: The MLS match between Inter Miami and Sporting KC is scheduled to kick off at 5:00 AM IST at the DRV PNK Stadium.
  • Viewing Options: Indian viewers can catch the action by live-streaming the match on Apple TV+. Unfortunately, the match will not be available for telecast in India.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 04:41

Messi Unavailable The major update for this match is that Inter Miami’s star signing, Lionel Messi, will not be available for selection due to his commitments with the Argentine national team, currently participating in the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 04:41

Starting XIs Here are the starting lineups for both teams:

  • Inter Miami Starting XI: Callender, Alba, Miller, Aviles, Yedlin, Farias, Arroyo, Busquets, Robinson, Campana, Stefanelli.
  • Sporting KC Starting XI: Melia, Ndenbe, Fontas, Valencia, Davis, Thommy, Walter, Gutierrez, Salloi, Pulido, Russell.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 04:48

League Form Let’s take a look at the recent league form of both teams:

  • Inter Miami: D-L-W-D-W
  • Sporting Kansas City: D-D-L-W-W

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 04:53

Live Action Approaching We are just 10 minutes away from the live action as the MLS league match between Inter Miami and Sporting Kansas City is set to begin. The players have completed their warm-up routines, and the excitement is building at DRV PNK Stadium.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:18

Kick-off And we’re off! The referee blows the whistle, and the match is underway at DRV PNK Stadium in Lauderdale, Florida.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:19

3’ In the early minutes of the game, Miami is maintaining possession and attempting to establish control of the ball in the midfield.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:20 6’ Russell and Pulido of Sporting KC launch an attack from the right flank, but a well-timed interception by Busquets of Inter Miami regains possession for his team.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:23

GOAL – 9’ It’s a goal for Sporting KC! Salloi finds the back of the net after a long-range effort from Russell. Miami’s goalkeeper, Callender, deflected Russell’s shot, but Salloi was quick to capitalize on the rebound, putting Kansas in the lead within the first 10 minutes.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:25

14’ Busquets, determined to respond, advances into Sporting KC’s final third and takes a shot on target. However, SKC’s keeper Melia makes a straightforward save to keep his team in the lead.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:28

17’ Facundo Farias exhibited a burst of brilliance with a rapid sprint through the central channel, skillfully evading two defenders. He drove forward and chipped the ball, seeking out small gaps in the SKC defense. However, Sporting KC, which had committed numbers to their defense, quickly regained possession.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:31

19’ After the first 19 minutes, Inter Miami boasts 53 percent possession, but it’s been an arduous start for the home team. They appear to be lacking creativity in the final third, especially with the absence of Lionel Messi, and are struggling to break down Sporting KC’s defense.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:39

GOAL – 25’ Leonardo Campana scores the equalizer for Miami from a penalty! He calmly converts the set-piece opportunity, leveling the score.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:45

32’ A yellow card is shown to Sporting Kansas City’s number 13.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:48

35’ Captain Yedlin tries to exploit the right flank but is caught in an offside position when receiving the ball.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:51

38’ Eric Thommy embarks on a solo run for Sporting KC during a transition play, earning his team a corner kick after Miller failed to intercept the ball on time.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:53

40’ Kansas City’s captain, Jhonny Russell, takes the corner kick, delivering a lofted ball into the box. The away team comes close to scoring their second goal, but Callender makes not one, not two, but three quality saves to deny them.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:54

41’ Jhonny Russell showcases excellent ball control as he bypasses Jordi Alba near the midfield and drives the ball forward. He attempts a pass to Salloi, but they fail to maintain possession.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:55

44’ Facundo Farias takes a long-range shot, but it misses the goalpost, going wide.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 05:57

45’ Leonardo Campana scores his second goal of the match, putting Miami in the lead! Yedlin beats Salloi to deliver a tantalizing cross from the right flank, and Campana times his header to perfection.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:02

Halftime – MIA 2-1 SKC Miami has come from behind to take a 2-1 lead against Kansas at halftime.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:15

46’ Inter Miami begins the second half with an early build-up, but Robinson misses the target with his shot.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:14

Substitution for Kansas Nemanja Radoja enters the game, replacing Gutierrez.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:17

48’ Jordi Alba plays a delightful ball to Campana inside the box, and Campana’s deft touch directs the ball towards the goal. However, Melia dives to his left to deny Campana’s hat-trick. The flag is also raised for offside.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:19

50’ The trio of Alba, Robinson, and Campana attempt to exploit short gaps on the left flank and win a corner kick.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:20

51’ A corner kick is awarded to Sporting KC, as they efficiently regain possession.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:22

53’ Ndenbe delivers a heavy challenge on Busquets, but Busquets maintains his composure to win back possession and lead Miami into an attacking run.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:23

55’ CLOSE! Steffnali comes close to extending the lead to 3-1 with a close-range shot, but Melia makes another diving save.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:24

56’ Sporting Kansas City initiates their own attacking move after a prolonged period. They manage to earn a corner kick.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:27

57’ CHANCE! Facundo Farias had at least three opportunities to take a shot at goal but chose to pass to Steffanelli, disregarding Campana, who was looking for a better angle. However, Melia intercepts the ball before Steffanelli can capitalize.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:31

GOAL – 60’ Facundo Farias finds the back of the net, and Miami now leads 3-1! An argument ensued over a potential free-kick, but Busquets seized the ball from the Kansas midfielder and restarted the play, allowed by the referee. He passed to an unmarked Farias, who embarked on a solo run and executed a clean finish from the right flank.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:34

62’ CHANCE! Robbie Robinson found himself in a dangerous scoring position and took a shot, but it was blocked in the nick of time.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:35


65’ Aviles receives a yellow card after a hard tackle on Thommy.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:36

67’ A short water break is taken before a free kick.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:37

68’ FREE KICK: Captain Russell takes the set piece, but his shot goes wide and out of play.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:39

70’ Substitution for Kansas William Agada comes on to replace Daniel Salloi.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:42

72’ Robbie Robinson’s burst of acceleration and dribbling through defenders results in a corner kick after his back pass to Facundo Farias went out of play. Farias takes a shot in front of the post.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:43

73’ Kansas goalkeeper Melia is down and appears to be in pain. The substitute goalkeeper is warming up, suggesting a potential change in the goal for Kansas.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:44

74’ Steffanelli takes the set-piece and passes it short to Robinson, but the ball quickly goes out of play.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:46

75’ Substitution for Miami IN: Lawson Connery Sunderland | OUT: Nicolas Marcelo Stefanelli

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:46

76’ IN: Tim Leibold | OUT: Jacob Davis

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:49

78’ Alan Pulido scores for Kansas, reducing Miami’s lead to half! Pulido smoothly finds the back of the net with a precise finish. Miami will need to play sensibly in the last few minutes as an equalizer could come at any time if they continue to drop players from defense.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:51

82’ Substitution for Miami IN: Robbie Robinson | OUT: Noah Allen

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:55

85’ Kansas is applying constant pressure on Miami with quick runs. Captain Russell takes the corner kick and delivers a curling ball to Thommy, who shoots wide.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 06:56

87’ Substitution for Miami IN: Victor Ulloa | OUT: Facundo Farias

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 07:00

89’ Substitution for Kansas Espinoza comes in for Walter

Khiry Shelton replaces Ndenbe

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 07:00

90+1 Six minutes have been added after 90 minutes of regulation time.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 07:02

90+4’ YELLOW CARD: The referee issues a yellow card to Jordi Alba and appears to be furious with him as the defender makes contact with the fourth official.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 07:05

90+6’ The duo of Rosero and Shelton attempt to create a scoring opportunity, but Callender dives to his right to block Espinoza’s shot, who received the ball from Shelton.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 07:07

90+8’ Miami concedes a corner kick in the dying minutes, but they navigate through this to secure all three points, despite the absence of Lionel Messi and seven other players on national duties.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2023 07:09 FULL-TIME

FULL-TIME – MIA 3-2 SKC Inter Miami secures a 3-2 victory after conceding a goal in the first 10 minutes. A clinical performance by the Herons extends their winning streak.

MIA vs SKC: Inter Miami Secures 3-2 Victory Over Sporting Kansas City
MIA vs SKC: Inter Miami Secures 3-2 Victory Over Sporting Kansas City


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