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Luna 25 Lunar Crash: Roscosmos Reports Russian Spacecraft Collision with Moon’s Surface

Luna 25 Lunar Mission Update: Deviation in Propulsion Maneuver Leads to Russian Spacecraft Collision with Lunar Surface, Resulting in Mission Loss.

Specialists were getting everything ready for the launch of the Luna-25 spacecraft, which was supposed to land on the moon’s south pole to look for ice. They were working hard at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia. But something went wrong, and the spacecraft crashed into the moon instead of landing safely. This is a reminder of how tough space exploration can be, even when people work hard to make it work.

The people in charge of the mission, the Russian space agency, said they looked into what happened. It seems that when they tried to move the spacecraft in a certain way, it didn’t go as planned. This made the spacecraft end up in the wrong path, hitting the moon’s surface and getting lost.

“On August 19, as part of the plan for Luna-25’s journey, they tried to give it a push to make it go in a certain path before landing. But around 2:57 PM Moscow time, they lost contact with the Luna-25 spacecraft. Even after looking for it and trying to talk to it on August 19 and 20, they couldn’t find it or get in touch with it. This news comes from the Roscosmos State Space Corporation, and they shared it on their official Telegram channel.”

Upon investigation, the space agency identified a discrepancy in the spacecraft’s propulsion maneuver. The intended push did not align with expectations, resulting in the craft entering an unintended orbit distinct from its intended trajectory. Tragically, this deviation led to a collision with the moon’s surface, leading to the spacecraft’s destruction. This outcome highlights the critical nature of precise calculations and the intricacies involved in executing space missions. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities inherent in space exploration and the importance of meticulous planning and execution to achieve successful outcomes.

A specially formed interdepartmental commission will deal with the issues of clarifying the reasons for the loss of the Moon, Roscosmos said.

Luna 25 Mission Update: In a move reminiscent of past Soviet Union lunar exploration efforts, the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, embarked on its Luna 25 moon mission with a launch on August 11. The mission’s goal was to reach the moon’s south pole—a significant step. The plan was for a gentle landing on the moon’s surface to take place on August 21, notably preceding India’s Chandrayaan 3 moon mission.

The primary objective of the Luna 25 mission was to conduct an in-depth study of the lunar environment, specifically focusing on the composition of the lunar polar regolith, which refers to the surface material that covers the moon. This exploration aimed to uncover valuable insights into the nature and properties of the regolith, shedding light on its mineral composition, density, and potential resources.

In addition to studying the regolith, the mission had a secondary goal: investigating the plasma and dust components of the lunar polar exosphere. The exosphere is the extremely thin outer layer of a celestial body’s atmosphere, and the moon’s polar regions provide a unique environment for studying these components due to the presence of areas that are in constant shadow. Understanding the exosphere’s properties contributes to our knowledge of lunar surface interactions with the space environment and helps us comprehend the moon’s broader atmospheric dynamics.

By delving into these aspects, the Luna 25 mission aimed to advance our comprehension of the moon’s geological history, its potential resource availability, and the intricate interactions between its surface and the space environment.


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