Friday, May 24

Lucid Motors Takes a Step Abroad: Inaugurates First International EV Factory in Saudi Arabia as India Anticipates Tesla’s Arrival

Lucid Motors, a company that makes electric cars, has opened its first international factory in Saudi Arabia. This is a big move for them. At the same time, people in India are eagerly waiting for Tesla to come to their country. It’s an exciting time for electric cars and their future worldwide.

Lucid, a company that makes electric cars, recently said they opened a new factory in Saudi Arabia. It’s their first factory outside their home country. The factory is in Jeddah, a city in Saudi Arabia. This is a special thing because no other electric car company has a factory in Saudi Arabia. This move also helps Saudi Arabia in their efforts to use more electric power. Another big electric car company, Tesla, is talking about building a factory in Saudi Arabia too, but it’s in the early stages of discussion.


Lucid Air Sapphire
Lucid Air Sapphire


This decision also has a goal of making Saudi Arabia less dependent on money from selling oil. They want to be a part of the electric car industry, which is usually led by countries like China and the United States.

The new Lucid factory, called AMP-2, is in a place called King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC). It’s going to be where they put together the fancy Lucid Air electric cars. At first, they plan to make 5,000 of these cars every year.

Before this, Lucid had already said they wanted to build a factory in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia agreed to buy as many as 100,000 cars from Lucid over the next ten years. This deal is part of Saudi Arabia’s bigger plan to support Lucid, and they own most of the company through their investment fund.

In the future, they want to make even more cars in this new factory—about 155,000 cars every year.

Lucid also has another factory in Arizona, United States.

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