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Live Updates: UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw – Teams, Pots, and Draw Results

Live Updates: UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw – Teams, Pots, and Draw Results

Today, on August 31, the much-anticipated draw for the UEFA Champions League 2023-24 Group Stage is set to unfold. The event is scheduled to transpire at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and will commence at 5 pm BST, translating to 9:30 pm IST, 9 pm PST, 7 pm Saudi Arabia time, and 12 noon ET. Defending champions Manchester City are poised to embark on their journey to retain the title next month, as the group stage matches are slated to kick off on September 19. The draw holds the promise of shaping the competition’s narrative for the forthcoming season.


UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw
UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw


In addition to the pivotal group allocations, the evening’s proceedings will encompass the presentation of several prestigious awards. The 2022/23 UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, UEFA Women’s Player of the Year, UEFA Men’s Coach of the Year, and UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year accolades are set to be bestowed upon the deserving recipients during the draw ceremony. This multi-faceted event promises not only the revelation of group configurations but also the recognition of outstanding individuals who have left their indelible mark on the realm of football.

Below is the comprehensive roster of teams participating in the UEFA Champions League group stages for the current season, along with their corresponding Pots for the draw:

Pot 1:

  1. Manchester City (ENG, Champions League holders)
  2. Sevilla (ESP, Europa League holders)
  3. Barcelona (ESP)
  4. Napoli (ITA)
  5. Bayern München (GER)
  6. Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)
  7. Benfica (POR)
  8. Feyenoord (NED)

Pot 2:

  1. Real Madrid (ESP)
  2. Inter Milan (ITA)
  3. Manchester United (ENG)
  4. Arsenal (ENG)
  5. Borussia Dortmund (GER)
  6. Porto (POR)
  7. RB Leipzig (GER)
  8. Atletico de Madrid (ESP)

Pot 3:

  1. Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR)
  2. RB Salzburg (AUT)
  3. Milan (ITA)
  4. Braga (POR)
  5. PSV (NED)
  6. Lazio (ITA)
  7. Crvena Zvezda (SRB)
  8. Copenhagen (DEN)

Pot 4:

  1. Young Boys (SUI)
  2. Real Sociedad (ESP)
  3. Galatasaray (TUR)
  4. Celtic (SCO)
  5. Newcastle (ENG)
  6. Union Berlin (GER)
  7. Royal Antwerp (BEL)
  8. RC Lens (FRA)

As the anticipation heightens, the outcome of the draw promises to define the groups and matchups for the upcoming UEFA Champions League season, creating a captivating narrative for football enthusiasts worldwide.

8:08 PM: Welcome to our LIVE Coverage of the UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw! Tonight, 32 teams from across Europe will be part of this exciting draw, signaling the start of another thrilling season of the biggest club competition. The draw is still about an hour away, but let’s preview what’s going to happen in Monaco this evening.

8:13 PM: The draw is happening at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and will start at 5 pm BST, which is 9:30 pm IST, 9 pm PST, 7 pm Saudi Arabia time, and 12 noon ET. A total of 32 teams will be divided into eight groups, with each group having four teams.

8:17 PM: The Champions League group stage matches for this season will kick off on September 19. The journey will lead to the final, which is set to be played on June 1 at London’s Wembley Stadium.

8:20 PM: Last season, Manchester City claimed the Champions League title by defeating Inter Milan 1-0 in the final. They were crowned the winners of the prestigious competition.

8:22 PM: In Pot 1, we have some strong teams: Manchester City (last year’s winners), Sevilla (Europa League holders), Barcelona, Napoli, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, Benfica, and Feyenoord.

8:23 PM: The second pot features renowned teams like Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Manchester United, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Porto, RB Leipzig, and Atletico Madrid.

8:26 PM: Pot 3 includes teams like Shakhtar Donetsk, RB Salzburg, AC Milan, Braga, PSV, Lazio, Crvena Zvezda, and FC Copenhagen.

8:28 PM: In the fourth pot, we have teams like Young Boys, Real Sociedad, Galatasaray, Celtic, Newcastle United, Union Berlin, Royal Antwerp, and RC Lens.

8:31 PM: Some teams are making exciting debuts or comebacks, like RC Lens in their first Champions League group stage appearance, and Newcastle United returning after a while. Union Berlin and Royal Antwerp are also new faces in the competition.

8:33 PM: The Champions League Final for this season will take place at London’s Wembley Stadium.

8:34 PM: Let’s take a look at the upcoming matchdays in the group stage of the UCL this season:

  • Matchday 1: September 19 & 20
  • Matchday 2: October 3 & 4
  • Matchday 3: October 24 & 25
  • Matchday 4: November 7 & 8
  • Matchday 5: November 28 & 29
  • Matchday 6: December 12 & 13.

8:40 PM: In addition to grouping the teams, the evening will witness the presentation of several awards. Honors like the 2022/23 UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, UEFA Women’s Player of the Year, UEFA Men’s Coach of the Year, and UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year will be bestowed upon the deserving winners during the draw ceremony.

8:43 PM: The Champions League Trophy is on display in Monaco ahead of the draw, hinting at an exciting season ahead in the pinnacle of club football.

8:50 PM: How far will Arsenal progress in this season’s Champions League? Our prediction: A deep run.

8:51 PM: Over the past two days, six teams secured their place in the UCL Group stages by triumphing in the playoffs. The teams that didn’t make it will be competing in the UEFA Europa League.

8:53 PM: Bukayo Saka of Arsenal, who recently won the PFA Young Player of the Year Award, is all set to participate in his first-ever Champions League match in the upcoming season.

9:02 PM: A considerable number of previous winners are among the draw teams tonight. A total of 14 past winners will partake in this season’s competition.

9:04 PM: Harry Kane’s move to Bayern Munich from Tottenham Hotspur has made waves. Jurgen Klinsmann views this transfer as a significant boost for both the Bundesliga and the player himself.

9:08 PM: Manchester United seems to be keeping themselves busy as they await the UCL draw tonight.

9:09 PM: Here are the potential teams that Barcelona could face in the Champions League group stages.

9:13 PM: The Champions League Group Stages draw is just 15 minutes away from commencing.

9:26 PM: The UEFA Champions League draw is moments away from starting in Monaco. It’s anticipated that there will also be an award ceremony during the draw proceedings.

9:30 PM: Teams in respective pairs for each group:

  • A: Manchester City & Manchester United
  • B: Sevilla & Atlético
  • C: Barcelona & Real Madrid
  • D: Napoli & Lazio
  • E: Bayern & Dortmund
  • F: Paris & Lens
  • G: Benfica & Porto
  • H: Feyenoord & PSV
  • I: Inter & AC Milan
  • J: Leipzig & Union Berlin
  • K: Arsenal & Newcastle

9:31 PM: The event has kicked off at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. The program has commenced, leading us into the forum where the fate of the 32 clubs will be unveiled.

9:34 PM: The Champions League Hymn resonates through the venue, played skillfully by a pianist and a trumpeter, adding an air of anticipation and excitement.

9:36 PM: Hosting the UEFA Champions League group stage draw tonight are Pedro Pinto and Reshmin Chowdhury.

9:44 PM: Special guests Joe Cole and Eric Abidal are here to conclude the draw this season.

9:45 PM: Eric Abidal was part of the Barcelona team that triumphed over Manchester United in the Champions League Final at Wembley over a decade ago.

9:46 PM: We are nearly ready for the draw process. Up next is a summary of the UCL draw technical procedure, and we’ll be off then.

9:48 PM: This is the final season of the UEFA Champions League in its current format involving 32 teams. Royal Antwerp and Union Berlin are making their debut in the UCL this season.

9:49 PM: Teams from the same country cannot be drawn into the same group. The groups are categorized into two colors – Red (Groups A to D) and Blue (Groups E to H). For TV coverage reasons, teams from the same country are paired in Red and Blue groups.

9:50 PM: The group pairs are as follows:

  • A: Manchester City & Manchester United
  • B: Sevilla & Atlético
  • C: Barcelona & Real Madrid
  • D: Napoli & Lazio
  • E: Bayern & Dortmund
  • F: Paris & Lens
  • G: Benfica & Porto
  • H: Feyenoord & PSV
  • I: Inter & AC Milan
  • J: Leipzig & Union Berlin
  • K: Arsenal & Newcastle

9:54 PM: Bayern Munich is the first team drawn, and they will be placed in Group A. Sevilla is allocated to Group B, followed by Napoli in Group C.

9:56 PM: Benfica is drawn into Group D, and Dutch champions Feyenoord find themselves in Group E. PSG’s spot is in Group F. The reigning champions, Manchester City, are positioned in Group G, consequently placing Barcelona in Group H.

9:57 PM: We’re about to draw from Pot 2, which includes notable teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, and Real Madrid.

9:59 PM: Borussia Dortmund is the first team drawn from Pot 2, and they are placed in Group F.

10:00 PM: Arsenal is drawn into Group B alongside Sevilla.

10:01 PM: Atletico Madrid’s spot is in Group E, alongside Feyenoord.

10:02 PM: Manchester United finds themselves in Group A, alongside Bayern Munich.

10:03 PM: RB Leipzig is the next draw for Group G, where Manchester City also resides. Josko Gvardiol will face his former team.

10:03 PM: Inter Milan finds their place in Group D, alongside SL Benfica.

10:04 PM: FC Porto’s position is automatically slotted into Group H, alongside Barcelona.

10:05 PM: Halfway through the draw, and we’re already seeing some exciting matchups – Bayern vs. Man United, Real Madrid vs. Napoli, Arsenal vs. Sevilla.

10:08 PM: Shakhtar Donetsk, the Ukrainian champions, is placed in Group H. Crvena Zvezda is drawn into Group G.

10:09 PM: PSV Eindhoven, the Dutch giants, secure a place in Group B alongside Sevilla and Arsenal.

10:10 PM: AC Milan, seven-time UCL winners, are placed in Group F, alongside PSG and Borussia Dortmund.

10:11 PM: The Austrian champions, FC Salzburg, find their place in Group D.

10:12 PM: Lazio is positioned in Group E, and FC Copenhagen takes their spot in Group A.

10:13 PM: SC Braga, the last team from Pot 3, is placed into Group C.

10:16 PM: Moving on to Pot 4, Real Sociedad is the first team drawn, landing in Group D.

10:17 PM: Newcastle United finds their place in Group F.

10:18 PM: Galatasaray is drawn into Group A. Group F is looking quite competitive.

10:21 PM: BSC Young Boys is placed into Group G, and RC Lens is drawn into Group B.

10:22 PM: Celtic secures a spot in Group E, and Royal Antwerp is allocated to Group H.

10:23 PM: Here’s the full draw lineup:

  • Group A: Bayern Munich, Manchester United, FC Copenhagen, Galatasaray
  • Group B: Sevilla, Arsenal, PSV Eindhoven, RC Lens
  • Group C: Napoli, Real Madrid, SC Braga, Union Berlin
  • Group D: Benfica, Inter Milan, FC Salzburg, Real Sociedad
  • Group E: Feyenoord, Atletico Madrid, Lazio, Celtic
  • Group F: Paris Saint-Germain, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, Newcastle United
  • Group G: Manchester City, RB Leipzig, Crvena Zvezda, BSC Young Boys
  • Group H: FC Barcelona, FC Porto, Shakhtar Donetsk, Royal Antwerp

10:28 PM: The UEFA Champions League Draw is now complete.

10:30 PM: Miroslav Klose – Winner of the 2023 President’s Award. The former Germany international has been recognized for his fair play standards during his time playing for both club and country.

10:32 PM: UEFA Men’s Coach of the Year – Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola secures the award. This comes as no surprise, given Manchester City’s treble-winning season and their first UEFA Champions League title.

10:33 PM: UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year – Sarina Wiegman, coach of the England women’s team, is the recipient of this year’s award.

10:40 PM: UEFA Women’s Player of the Year – Aitana Bonmati receives the award. The Barcelona midfielder, aged 25, is honored for her stellar performance during the season.

10:41 PM: UEFA Men’s Player of the Year – Erling Haaland, the Manchester City striker, clinches the prestigious award after his outstanding contributions led the club to a treble-winning season.

10:46 PM: Erling Haaland is acknowledged as the Men’s Player of the Year, celebrating his remarkable performance during the last season.

10:48 PM: Arsenal’s UCL Opponents – Arsenal is returning to the UEFA Champions League after a six-year hiatus. They are drawn into Group B along with PSV Eindhoven, Sevilla, and RC Lens.

10:50 PM: Real Madrid’s UCL Opponents – Real Madrid is placed in Group C alongside Napoli, SC Braga, and Union Berlin.

10:51 PM: Man United and Bayern are placed in the same group. The return of Harry Kane to England means he’ll face the club he was linked with.

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