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Legal Action Triggered Over Priyanka Gandhi and Kamal Nath’s Alleged ‘Misleading’ Posts Against Madhya Pradesh Government

FIR Registered Against Congress Leaders’ Twitter Account ‘Handlers’ Including Priyanka Gandhi and Kamal Nath Over Alleged Defamatory Post Against Madhya Pradesh Government

Local police in Indore have initiated legal action by filing an FIR against the individuals managing the Twitter accounts of senior Congress leaders, namely Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, MP Congress chief Kamal Nath, and former Union minister Arun Yadav. This action follows a post that accused the Madhya Pradesh BJP government of engaging in corrupt practices. The Indore police commissioner issued a statement on Saturday night, revealing that Nimesh Pathak, the legal cell convener of the local BJP, filed a complaint regarding a fabricated letter attributed to Gyanendra Awasthi, which was widely disseminated across social media platforms.

The letter claimed contractors in the state are being asked to pay 50 per cent commission.

A case has been lodged against Gyanendra Awasthi, along with the individuals managing the respective Twitter accounts of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Kamal Nath, and Arun Yadav, which were previously known as “handlers.” The case has been registered at the Sanyogitaganj police station in the city. The statement further indicated that the complaint filed by Nimesh Pathak is currently under investigation, shedding light on the ongoing legal proceedings surrounding the alleged defamatory post and its subsequent implications.

During the earlier hours of Saturday, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Ramsanehi Mishra confirmed the registration of a First Information Report (FIR) against the Twitter accounts, referred to as “handles,” of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Kamal Nath, and Arun Yadav. This FIR was formally filed at the Sanyogitaganj police station located within the city. The action taken underscores the progression of legal proceedings against the alleged defamatory content and its connection to these prominent Congress leaders.

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He stated that the case has been officially lodged under sections 420 (pertaining to cheating) and 469 (related to forgery with the intent to damage reputation) of the Indian Penal Code. This legal action was initiated based on the complaint submitted by Nimesh Pathak. These sections of the law reflect the gravity of the alleged offense and highlight the intention to address the potential implications of the defamatory content shared on social media platforms.

Pathak has made the assertion that the Congress leaders orchestrated a deliberate plot to tarnish the image of the state government and his own political party. He substantiates this claim by pointing to the dissemination of purportedly “misleading” posts across social media platforms. These posts, according to Pathak, involve the Congress leaders leveling accusations against the BJP-led regime in the state, alleging its involvement in corrupt practices. This accusation emphasizes the highly charged political atmosphere surrounding the situation and the perceived impact of such posts on the broader public discourse.

The official said the police are verifying the authenticity of the respective X handles.

On a recent Friday, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra utilized the platform X to assert that a collective of contractors hailing from Madhya Pradesh had penned a letter addressed to the Chief Justice of the High Court. In this letter, the contractors purportedly expressed their grievances, alleging that their payments are cleared solely after parting with a significant 50 percent commission. This social media post by Vadra underscores her commitment to raising awareness about issues surrounding financial transactions and potential irregularities within the contractor community.

In a recent post, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra accused the BJP government in Karnataka of taking a 40% commission in the past. She stated that the BJP in Madhya Pradesh has exceeded this by engaging in even more corruption. Vadra claimed that the people of Karnataka voted out the government associated with the 40% commission practice, and she believes that the people of Madhya Pradesh will also remove the government associated with the 50% commission practice. Her post criticizes the alleged corruption within the BJP and expresses hope for change through public involvement in the political process.

Nath and Yadav also made similar posts.

MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra called Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s accusation untrue and asked her to provide evidence for her claim. He warned that if she doesn’t provide proof, the government and the BJP might consider legal action. In other words, he’s saying that if she can’t show evidence, they might take her to court.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had said the opposition party was spreading lies.

On Friday evening, the Gwalior police registered a case against a few people in connection with Priyanka Gandhi’s post.

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