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Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery Result: Ticket Number TE230662 Wins First Prize; FM Picks Up Winner

In a thrilling turn of events, the Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery’s first prize was clinched by ticket number TE230662, making one fortunate individual an instant millionaire. The excitement reached its peak as the state’s Finance Minister personally presented the grand prize to the lucky winner, creating a moment of celebration and joy. The Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery continues to be a source of hope and delight for lottery enthusiasts, offering not only substantial rewards but also unforgettable moments of happiness.

In a remarkable stroke of luck, a lottery ticket sold by an agency in Walayar, Palakkad, bearing the ticket number TE230662, emerged as the first-prize winner in Kerala’s most significant lottery event, the Thiruvonam Bumper. This prestigious lottery offered an astounding first-prize reward of Rs 25 crore, making the fortunate ticket holder an instant multi-millionaire. The Thiruvonam Bumper lottery has once again brought joy and life-changing moments to the people of Kerala through its generous prizes.


Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery Result: Ticket Number TE230662 Wins First Prize; FM Picks Up Winner
Kerala Onam Bumper Lottery Result: Ticket Number TE230662 Wins First Prize; FM Picks Up Winner


In a ceremony held at Gorki Bhavan, Finance Minister K N Balagopal had the honor of selecting the first-prize winner. This year’s Onam Bumper lottery, priced at Rs 500 per ticket, witnessed an unprecedented surge in sales, with 75.76 lakh tickets out of a total of 85 lakh tickets printed being sold. This category allows for a maximum of 90 lakh tickets to be printed.

Last year, when the first prize was raised from Rs 15 crore to Rs 25 crore for the first time, ticket sales also reached record levels, with 66,55,914 tickets out of 67,50,000 printed tickets being sold. The first-prize winner will receive their prize money after deducting a 10% agent commission and a 30% tax from the total prize amount.

In this year’s Onam bumper lottery organized by the state lotteries department, the second prize has been redesigned to offer Rs One crore each to 20 winners, as opposed to the Rs five crore prize for a single winner last year. Similarly, the third prize this year has been altered to be Rs 50 lakh each for 20 winners, compared to Rs One crore for 10 winners in the previous year. The fourth and fifth prizes remain at Rs five lakh each and Rs two lakh each, respectively, for 10 winners.

These changes in prize distribution were implemented after consulting with the public and lottery agents, aiming to provide more individuals with the opportunity to win. The Kerala government conducts various types of lotteries, including seven daily lotteries and six bumper lotteries, with the Onam bumper being the most significant. Each year, the government allocates up to Rs 7,000 crore in lottery prize money.

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