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Kangana Ranaut’s Tamil Movie Journey: From ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ to ‘Chandramukhi 2’

Let’s talk about Kangana Ranaut’s experience in Tamil movies, from her debut in ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ to her upcoming film ‘Chandramukhi 2.’

Kangana Ranaut is known for her outstanding acting skills and her ability to portray diverse characters. She has a large fan following in Bollywood, where she has played some challenging roles. While she mainly works in Bollywood, Kangana has also explored Tamil cinema from time to time, impressing viewers with her acting. Let’s take a look at Kangana Ranaut’s journey in Tamil films and the different roles she has taken on.

In Kangana Ranaut’s first Tamil film, ‘Dhaam Dhoom,’ released in 2008, she played the role of a simple village girl. This romantic thriller co-starred Jayam Ravi, and Kangana’s performance made a strong impact on her fans. However, the film encountered a major setback when its director, Jeeva, passed away before its completion. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, Kangana’s acting received praise, but she later decided to concentrate more on her career in Bollywood.

In the movie ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi,’ Kangana Ranaut played the iconic role of Rani Laxmibai. She not only acted in the film but also co-directed it alongside Krish Jagarlamudi. While the movie was originally in Hindi, it had a dubbed Tamil version that found success at the box office in Tamil Nadu. The positive response to the Tamil version reignited Kangana Ranaut’s enthusiasm for Tamil cinema.

In the movie ‘Thalaivii,’ directed by AL Vijay, Kangana Ranaut delivered a brilliant performance as the iconic J Jayalalitha, a famous actress who later became a prominent politician. Kangana underwent an incredible transformation for this role, gaining up to 100 kilograms to authentically portray the character. Her portrayal of one of Tamil cinema’s beloved stars earned admiration from Tamil cinema fans and solidified her position in the industry.

In the upcoming film ‘Chandramukhi 2,’ Kangana is taking on the iconic role of ‘Chandramukhi,’ directed by P Vasu. This much-anticipated horror sequel promises to explore the Chandramukhi character in greater depth. Kangana, the talented actress, will portray a beautiful dancer who is transformed into a ghost. Her involvement in this project is generating significant excitement among Tamil cinema enthusiasts, and it raises expectations for her ongoing presence in Tamil cinema.

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Kangana Ranaut's Tamil Movie Journey: From 'Dhaam Dhoom' to 'Chandramukhi 2'
Kangana Ranaut’s Tamil Movie Journey: From ‘Dhaam Dhoom’ to ‘Chandramukhi 2’

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