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India’s G20 Presidency: A Golden Opportunity, Says Top MEA Official

India’s G20 Presidency: A Golden Opportunity, Says Top MEA Official

In an interview with PTI on the eve of the mega conclave, G20 India Special Secretary Muktesh Pardesi emphasized the significance of India holding the G20 Presidency at this moment, describing it as a “golden opportunity” for the nation to leave its mark on the global stage. He confidently stated that India is fully prepared for the upcoming summit.

Pardesi also outlined the overarching theme of the summit, noting that the broad agenda will center around the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – One Earth, One Family, One Future.


G20 India Special Secretary Muktesh Pardesi describing it as a "golden opportunity
G20 India Special Secretary Muktesh Pardesi describing it as a “golden opportunity


Notably, numerous world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, arrived in Delhi ahead of the summit, and Biden engaged in extensive discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi upon his arrival. Pardesi highlighted that this summit is not just a singular event but part of a broader positive backdrop in India. He cited the recent celebration of the country’s 75th Independence Day, its status as the fifth-largest economy globally, and its position as the world’s largest democracy as factors working in India’s favor.

Pardesi enthusiastically expressed, “And, India holding the G20 Presidency at this time is like a golden opportunity,” in an interview with PTI. He conveyed that the mood within the country in anticipation of the G20 Summit is highly optimistic, driven by the fact that India is well-prepared for this significant global event. He confidently asserted that India is ready to leave a lasting impact on the international stage.

Providing insights into the summit’s agenda, officials shared that the first session will be titled ‘One Earth,’ and the second session will be named ‘One Family.’ Pardesi elaborated that these discussions will encompass a range of crucial topics, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), environmental sustainability, technology-driven development, and gender equality, among others.

Furthermore, it was noted that Prime Minister Modi will host a “working lunch” for the attending leaders on Saturday at the Bharat Mandapam, while President Droupadi Murmu will host a gala dinner in their honor. Pardesi highlighted that the ceremonial G20 dinner will showcase the diverse culinary heritage of India to the world leaders. Additionally, he mentioned that 2023 has been designated as the year of millets, and millet-based dishes will also be featured on the menu.

Regarding desserts, Pardesi mentioned, “Sweets served to them will also reflect the culinary diversity of India.” He added, “Keeping the season in mind, we may see ‘ghewar’ also being served.”

Discussing the “Bharat: Mother of Democracy” and Crafts Bazaar, as well as the Digital India Experience Zone established at the summit venue, the official noted that these installations at the Bharat Mandapam aim to showcase India’s rich civilisational heritage and its compelling story of technology-driven growth.

During a press interaction earlier in the day, G20 Chief Coordinator Harsh Vardhan Shringla highlighted that the G20 meetings held in various states and Union territories across India are a shining example of cooperative federalism. He emphasized that these meetings will undoubtedly yield economic benefits for the country and its citizens.

Shringla further emphasized that India’s approach to the G20 Presidency has been characterized by a “whole-of-government and a whole-of-nation approach,” demonstrating the comprehensive and collaborative effort undertaken to make this global event a success.

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