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Indian Film Industry’s Akshay Kumar Shares Official Document Confirming Indian Citizenship: ‘Heart and Citizenship, Both Are Indian

Indian Film Industry’s Akshay Kumar Shares Official Document Confirming Indian Citizenship: ‘Heart and Citizenship, Both Are Indian’

On Independence Day, actor Akshay Kumar shared a picture with some important information. These papers said that he is now a citizen of India. He wrote that he loves his country with all his heart and now officially, he’s also an Indian citizen. It was a special moment for him to share this news on such a significant day.


Akshay Kumar post: Dil aur citizenship, dono Hindustani.Happy Independence Day
Akshay Kumar post: Dil aur citizenship, dono Hindustani.


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar puts an end to confusion about Canadian citizenship. He shared a picture of important papers that show he is now a citizen of India. These papers come from the Indian government and say that he has been officially recognized as an Indian citizen. The papers basically say, “This person mentioned below is now an Indian citizen.

The official paper talks about the actor with a full name: Akshay Hariom Bhatia. It also mentions his dad’s name, Brijmohan Bhatia, and his mom’s name, Aruna Bhatia. The paper says he was born in Delhi. Before this, he was Canadian, but now, he’s recognized as an Indian citizen.

Akshay shared a picture and wrote, “Both my heart and citizenship are Indian. Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind” With this message, he told everyone about becoming an Indian citizen. His fans congratulated him and felt happy for him.

Earlier, Akshay talked about why he chose to give up his Canadian passport. He said, “India means everything to me. Everything I’ve earned and achieved is from here. I’m lucky that I can also give back.” He mentioned that it hurts when people say things without knowing the whole story. He shared these thoughts in an interview with Aaj Tak when he was 55 years old.

In the 1990s, Akshay Kumar faced a tough time as 15 of his movies didn’t do well in the cinemas. So, he thought he should do something else for a change. He applied to become a citizen of Canada since he had a friend there who suggested it.

He got accepted and went there for work. He only had two films left to release, and surprisingly, both of them became huge hits. His friend then told him to go back to India and keep working. He got more movie offers and kept getting more work. He even forgot about the Canadian passport. But now, he’s decided to change it and apply for an Indian passport. This is what he shared during an interview.

But the process took longer because of the coronavirus pandemic. He told Hindustan Times, “I talked about this in 2019, and I applied for it. But then the pandemic happened. For about 2-2.5 years, everything stopped because of it. Now, I’ve received the letter confirming that I’ve given up my previous citizenship (renounce letter). Soon, I’ll be getting my new passport.

“Having a Canadian passport doesn’t make me any less Indian. I am still very much Indian. I’ve been in India for the past nine years even when I had the Canadian passport. I don’t want to go into the details of why my films weren’t doing well or what happened. That’s not important,” he had said.

Right now, Akshay is enjoying the success of his new movie, OMG 2. This film is spreading an important message about sex education.

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