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Father Attempts to Sell 11-Day-Old Daughter for 4 Lakhs, Fails and Allegedly Commits Murder, Burying Infant’s Body

Father Attempts to Sell 11-Day-Old Daughter for 4 Lakhs, Fails and Allegedly Commits Murder, Burying Infant’s Body

Guwahati Assam- According to family members, Niranjan Malakar made an alarming attempt to sell his newborn baby girl while still in the hospital, reportedly conspiring with Dr. Diganta Chowdhary. Fortunately, his sinister plan was thwarted as the sale did not materialize, and the infant was eventually brought back home unharmed.

An alarming incident has recently emerged in Assam, revealing a deeply disturbing tale. In a shocking turn of events, a father initially attempted to sell his own newborn daughter in exchange for money. However, his sinister plan to profit from his own flesh and blood was thwarted as his efforts to sell the infant proved unsuccessful. What followed next is nothing short of chilling, an act so horrifying that it could send shivers down your spine.

Indeed, a disturbing incident unfolded involving a 35-year-old man who stands accused of a heinous act. Allegedly, he made a shocking attempt to sell his 11-day-old daughter to a couple, demanding a staggering sum of Rs 4 lakh in exchange for the infant. However, his reprehensible plan to profit from this unthinkable act fell through, leaving him desperate. Tragically, the situation took a ghastly turn as he reportedly resorted to an even more horrific act – ending the life of the innocent newborn and burying her lifeless body. The depths of this alleged crime are both chilling and heartbreaking.

The individual at the center of this deeply unsettling incident has been identified as Niranjan Malakar. He resides in the Dubi Malipara locality within the Bajali district of Assam. The family of Niranjan raised an alarm when he and the newborn were nowhere to be found on Friday night, prompting concerns about their well-being and safety.

On the morning of Saturday, a distressing development unfolded as Niranjan reportedly reached out to his brother-in-law. In this conversation, he shockingly conveyed that the baby girl had tragically passed away. Furthermore, he disclosed the grim details of where he had buried the infant’s lifeless body, adding an even more chilling layer to the unfolding tragedy.

As per the accounts provided by the police, when the concerned family members arrived at the designated location, a collaborative effort was initiated. A team comprising both law enforcement officials and representatives from the district administration worked in tandem to locate and recover the infant’s remains. The solemn task led them to a site situated in close proximity to the Bisnala river, where the lifeless body was eventually retrieved, intensifying the somber nature of the unfolding events.

Bajali district’s Superintendent of Police, Siddharth Kumar Buragohain, provided insights to IANS, stating that the preliminary investigation indicated a distressing truth: the father had allegedly taken the life of the newborn girl before burying her remains. Buragohain elaborated that the body had been carefully exhumed and subsequently dispatched for post-mortem analysis, a step aimed at gaining further clarity on the circumstances surrounding the infant’s untimely demise. In pursuit of justice, diligent efforts are being made to locate and apprehend the accused, who is currently at large and evading authorities

According to statements from family members, a disturbing narrative unfolded involving Niranjan Malakar’s alleged attempt to sell his newborn daughter, purportedly facilitated by Dr. Diganta Chowdhary. The distressing ordeal reportedly began during the infant’s initial days in the hospital, as Niranjan sought to profit from her existence. However, his endeavor to sell the baby proved unsuccessful, and fortunately, the child was ultimately brought home unharmed.

Sharing their account with the media, family members revealed that Niranjan’s unsettling actions unfolded shortly after the child’s birth. It was reported that he attempted to take the baby away merely a day after she was born, prompting the family to intervene and prevent his actions. Subsequently, Niranjan allegedly disclosed a shocking revelation to his relatives. He purportedly claimed to have secured a substantial sum of Rs 4 lakh from a wealthy couple, orchestrated with the assistance of Dr. Chowdhary. This sequence of events casts a chilling light on the deeply distressing circumstances surrounding the baby girl’s early days.

According to family members, a troubling narrative emerged wherein Niranjan was allegedly applying pressure on them to permit the sale of the child. He purportedly conveyed that if this demand was not met, it would lead to escalating issues within the household.

The family further recounted that Niranjan had shared details about his involvement in obtaining a considerable sum of money and insisted that the child had to be handed over to the prospective couple. In an attempt to assuage their concerns, the doctor reportedly made efforts to calm the family’s apprehensions. As authorities work diligently to unravel the truth, the whereabouts of the suspected doctor and Niranjan remain under investigation.


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