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Experience Dining in the Sky: Lucknow’s 1st Sky Dining Restaurant is Now Open – Learn the Operating Hours

Experience Dining in the Sky: Lucknow’s 1st Sky Dining Restaurant is Now Open – Learn the Operating Hours

Guess what? There’s a cool new place to eat in Lucknow called the Sky Dining restaurant. Imagine having your food while chatting with the breeze up in the sky! If you’re curious about where this restaurant is and how to get there, let me fill you in. It’s a spot where you can enjoy a unique dining experience, and I’ll help you find your way.


Cool new place to eat in Lucknow, the Sky Dining restaurant
Cool new place to eat in Lucknow, the Sky Dining restaurant


Imagine having dinner while being up in the sky in Lucknow! Lucknow is a special place in India; it’s the capital of Uttar Pradesh state. This city is not just known for its history and culture but also for being a great spot for tourists. When you visit, you shouldn’t miss out on places like Bara Imambara, Rumi Dargah, and Hussainabad Imambara.

But guess what? Among all the famous things in Lucknow, there’s something new – the Sky Dining restaurant! It’s a place where you can enjoy your meal while feeling the wind up high. Isn’t that cool? If you’re wondering where this restaurant is and how to get there, I’m here to help you out. Just keep reading!

Guess what? There’s a really cool place to eat in Lucknow, which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. It’s called the Sky Dining restaurant. And if you’re someone who loves exciting adventures, you’re in for a treat because here you can try something unique called “sky dining.” It’s like having your meal while being up in the sky!

Now, let me give you the scoop on where you can find this amazing Sky Dining restaurant. It’s located at Plot No. 2, IT Park-3, Sushant Golf City, Amar Shaheed Path, Sultanpur Lucknow Road. So, if you’re curious and want to give this sky dining experience a go, you know just where to head!

  • Elevated Experience: The Height of the Sky Dining Restaurant

The new Sky Dining restaurant in Lucknow is something really unique. They’ve made it in a special way. It’s pretty high up – about 50 meters from the ground! This place is designed for enjoying delicious food, drinks, and having a good time. Imagine this: there’s a big table where around 24 people can sit together and enjoy their meal. And right in the middle, there are 4 staff members to help everyone. It’s a really fun and special place to eat!

  • Up in the Sky: Sky Dining Restaurant Operating Hours

If you’re interested in having lunch at the Sky Dining restaurant, you can make a booking starting from 1:30 pm. They also have a special time called “High-T” from 05:15 PM to 05:45 PM, which is like late afternoon tea. And if you’re up for a different experience, they offer something called “4 Sun Downer” where you can enjoy yourself from 06:45 PM to 07:15 PM. After all the fun, you can sit down for a nice dinner at 07:45 PM. It sounds like they have different options for enjoying your time there!

  • Sky Dining Restaurant’s Unique Offerings: A Closer Look at Its Specialties

Let’s talk about what makes Sky Dining really special. Imagine this: at one time, around 20 to 22 people can sit together on a special platform. This platform is connected using a special crane that works with hydraulics. When you’re up there, you’re served food right in the air! And guess what? The chef who cooks the food and the waiter who serves it are up there with you too.

They want to make sure everything is just perfect. And to keep everyone safe and happy, there’s a team of crew members, a crane operator, and a safety supervisor. They all make sure you know all the safety rules before you start your meal in the sky. It’s a really unique experience!

  • Reserving Your Spot: Booking and Fees for Sky Dining Restaurant

Let me tell you about how you can book and the costs for the Sky Dining restaurant in Lucknow. They have a special offer for lunch where you can enjoy it at a discounted price of 2499.00 + GST. If you’re interested in their High-Tea, it’s available for 1999.00 + GST. They also have a fun option called “4 Sun Downer” for 1999.00 + GST. And if you prefer dinner, that’s available too for 2499.00 + GST.

To book your spot, you just need to visit their website at People from different places come here to experience this special dining. It’s worth noting that this is the first time a Sky Dining restaurant has opened in Uttar Pradesh. It sounds like a really exciting place to visit!

  • Savoring the Skies: Sky Dining Restaurants Across India

We want to share with you that besides Lucknow, there are many other sky dining restaurants spread across India. These unique dining experiences can be found in almost all the big cities in the country. You can find sky dining restaurants in places like Goa, Mumbai, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, and Pune. In these cities, you have the exciting chance to enjoy your meal while being up in the air. It’s a truly special way to dine!


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