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Dwarka Sports Complex: A Modern Venue for Games – How to Access its Benefits and Detailed Information

The Dwarka Sports Complex stands as a state-of-the-art venue, fully equipped to accommodate a wide range of modern games and sports activities. To avail the numerous benefits offered by this facility, individuals and sports enthusiasts can follow a simple process. Detailed information on the complex’s facilities, booking procedures, membership options, and available sports programs is readily available, ensuring that everyone can make the most of this exceptional sports destination in Dwarka.

The sports enthusiasts in Dwarka can now rejoice as the Dwarka Sector-17 Sports Complex, managed by the Delhi Development Authority, has officially opened its doors. This sports complex boasts cutting-edge sports facilities, promising an exceptional experience for athletes and enthusiasts alike. To fully understand how to make the most of these facilities and avail their benefits, we invite you to delve into this informative report.


Dwarka Sports Complex: A Modern Venue for Games
Dwarka Sports Complex: A Modern Venue for Games


Since its opening in August, the Dwarka Sector-17 Sports Complex managed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has already welcomed 600 individuals who have obtained permanent memberships. These memberships come in varying durations, including one year, three years, and five years. To secure permanent membership, interested individuals can download the membership form from the DDA website, complete it, and then submit it in person at the DDA Sports Complex in Dwarka Sector-17.

Notably, the opportunity to apply for permanent membership is still available for those who wish to enjoy the sports complex’s offerings on a long-term basis. Additionally, individuals can opt to access the facilities on a day-to-day basis by paying a fixed fee for each visit. This new sports complex, with its modern amenities, is quickly becoming a hub for sports and recreation in the area.

The Dwarka Sector-17 Sports Complex, managed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), offers a wide array of sports facilities to cater to the diverse interests of the community. These facilities include a swimming pool, badminton courts, squash courts, boxing area, table tennis, yoga and aerobics studios, dance classes, martial arts facilities, carrom, foosball, billiards, snooker, cricket pitch, lawn tennis courts, hockey field, skating rink, outdoor badminton courts, netball, basketball courts, and more. Furthermore, plans are in place to introduce facilities for sports such as gymnastics, shooting, aerobics, football, and chess.

Currently, the sports complex is bustling with activities such as football, basketball, swimming, Zumba classes, squash, lawn tennis, and table tennis, catering to the varied interests of the community.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has also envisioned the establishment of Centers of Excellence for multiple sports in Dwarka, with 15 sports complexes already in operation. Among these, three are mini sports complexes, and two are dedicated golf courses. Additionally, there are plans for a mini golf course and three golf driving ranges, as well as 17 swimming pools at various locations throughout Delhi.

DDA’s commitment to providing affordable rates for its sports facilities ensures that a wide range of individuals can access and enjoy these amenities. Furthermore, DDA is actively working on the development of additional sports facilities and centers of excellence to further enhance the sporting opportunities available to the public.

The sports infrastructure development in Dwarka is indeed impressive, with several centers of excellence already established and more in progress. These centers include dedicated facilities for wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, judo, and kabaddi in Dwarka Sector-8, tennis and shooting in Dwarka Sector-19, and football and hockey in Dwarka Sector-23. Additionally, there is an ongoing project for a golf course spanning an expansive 157.92 acres. The construction work for all these projects is expected to reach completion by the end of this year.

Furthermore, a Center of Excellence for Aquatics is being developed in Rohini Sector-33, with an estimated completion date set for June 2024.

The sports complex itself is a substantial undertaking, covering a vast area of over 23,000.96 square meters (equivalent to 23.6 acres). This space includes dedicated areas for indoor games, a sizeable swimming pool, administrative facilities, a cafeteria, and an electric substation. The entire project has been budgeted at a total cost of Rs 92 crore, reflecting the commitment to providing state-of-the-art sports facilities for the community.

The Dwarka Sector-17 Sports Complex offers various membership options at different price points, catering to both general individuals and senior citizens. Here’s a breakdown of the membership fees:

For General People:

  1. One-year membership: Rs 14,559.32 + 18% GST (Rs 2,620.68) = Total Rs 17,180.
  2. Three-year membership: Rs 36,398.31 + 18% GST (Rs 6,551.70) = Total Rs 42,950.
  3. Five-year membership: Rs 63,703.39 + 18% GST (Rs 11,466.61) = Total Rs 75,170.

For Senior Citizens:

  1. One-year membership: Rs 3,639.83 + 18% GST (Rs 655.17) = Total Rs 4,295.
  2. Three-year membership: Rs 9,099.58 + 18% GST (Rs 1,637.92) = Total Rs 10,738.
  3. Five-year membership: Rs 15,925.85 + 18% GST (Rs 2,866.65) = Total Rs 18,793.

These membership options allow individuals, including senior citizens, to access the sports complex’s facilities based on their preferred duration and budget.

For government employees, the Dwarka Sector-17 Sports Complex offers the following membership fees:

  • One-year membership: Rs 8,590 + 18% GST (Rs 1,546.20) = Total Rs 10,136.20.
  • Three-year membership: Rs 21,475 + 18% GST (Rs 3,865.50) = Total Rs 25,340.50.
  • Five-year membership: Rs 37,585 + 18% GST (Rs 6,765.30) = Total Rs 44,350.30.

In addition to these membership options, the DDA has also provided the option of temporary membership for three months, which can be obtained for a fee of Rs 5,062 with 18% GST.

The sports complex offers a range of amenities for visitors, including a children’s pool and park with various swings. The indoor facilities are fully equipped with air conditioning, and there are provisions such as score screens for archery and instructional boards outside each game room. Zumba classes are available, specifically catering to women, and there is a multi-gym for fitness enthusiasts. Additionally, there are plans for a food court and a banquet hall to open in the near future.

To reach the DDA’s Sports Complex in Dwarka Sector-17, one can access it from Dwarka Sector-12 and 13. The sports complex is located approximately two to two and a half kilometers away from these metro stations. Visitors can reach the sports complex by taking the metro, using auto-rickshaws, or utilizing bus services.

The Dwarka Sector-17 Sports Complex offers flexible timings for visitors:

  • Summer Hours: 6 am to 9 pm
  • Winter Hours: 6:30 am to 8:30 pm
  • Closed on Wednesdays

For students, the DDA has set an affordable fee structure, allowing them access to the sports complex:

  1. Daily Entry: Students can enter the sports complex for Rs 30 + 18% GST per day.
  2. Monthly Membership: Students have the option to pay Rs 719.89 per month, which allows them to participate in various games.

The DDA has also introduced an informal membership option for individuals who wish to use the sports complex’s facilities on a daily basis. This option is available to both Indian citizens and foreign citizens:

  • Indian Citizens: Rs 99.71 per day, including 18% GST.
  • Foreign Citizens: Rs 299.13 per day.

These flexible pricing options make it accessible for students and visitors to enjoy the sports complex’s offerings at their convenience.

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