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‘Disease X’ Could Prove More Deadly Than COVID-19, Threatening Lives of Over 500 Million People

There’s something called “Disease X,” and it’s potentially even more dangerous than COVID-19. This new disease could put the lives of over 500 million people at risk.

According to a new book about the Disease X virus, in the coming years, a new global health crisis might emerge that could be even more dangerous than COVID-19. This disease is given the name “Disease X” because we currently have no information about it. Experts believe that the countless viruses present on Earth could potentially lead to the emergence of this new threat.


'Disease X' Could Prove More Deadly Than COVID-19
‘Disease X’ Could Prove More Deadly Than COVID-19


New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk: In a new book titled Disease X, written by vaccine experts, a warning is given that the world is currently not prepared for the next global health crisis. According to the book, there are countless viruses circulating on Earth that we know nothing about. The authors of the book claim that just like the Spanish flu took the lives of many people a century ago, the next pandemic could result in the deaths of over 500 million people.

UK Vaccine Task Force’s former chair, Kate Bingham, and former journalist and political adviser Tim Hames have co-authored a book titled “The Next Killer: How to Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts.” This book also mentions Disease X. A part of the book published in the Daily Mail explains how viruses are the most abundant and diverse life forms on Earth, and how many of them pose a threat to humans.

They mentioned that scientists have identified 25 families of viruses, each containing hundreds or thousands of different viruses, and any of them could potentially cause a pandemic. They also warned that viruses can jump from animals to humans and mutate rapidly, as seen in cases like Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19.

How dangerous is Disease X?

Some time ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) also warned about the possibility of the next pandemic, which they named Disease X. WHO mentioned Disease X back in 2018, a year before the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means Disease X is on the list of dangerous diseases alongside Ebola, SARS, and Zika, according to WHO.

According to WHO, Disease X could potentially cause a dangerous global pandemic, similar to diseases caused by pathogens about which we have no current information. These are diseases for which we have no known treatment at the moment. Some health experts believe that Disease X will be zoonotic, meaning it will originate in animals, potentially jump to humans, and then start infecting people, similar to what happened with Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19.

How should we prepare for the next pandemic?

It’s important to note that COVID-19, despite causing significant loss of life worldwide, had a relatively lower mortality rate compared to other viruses like Ebola, Bird Flu, and MERS. However, the next pandemic could be even more deadly, and we cannot rely on luck because it might be more dangerous.

Most people recovered from COVID-19, but diseases like Ebola have a 67% mortality rate, Bird Flu stands at 60%, and MERS at 34%. To prepare for future pandemics, research on vaccines and treatments is crucial. Strengthening healthcare systems and surveillance is equally important. We may not know when the next pandemic will come, but we can start preparing today.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, always consult with your healthcare provider.

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