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Discovery of a 100-Kilogram Bomb from World War II in Singapore

A 100-kilogram bomb dating back to World War II was discovered in Singapore, posing a potential threat to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Fortunately, it was safely handled and defused, averting a potential disaster. This finding serves as a stark reminder of the wartime dangers that still linger in various parts of the world today.

In Singapore, a team of bomb disposal experts achieved a significant success by safely defusing a 100-kilogram World War II bomb. According to Reuters news agency, approximately four thousand people were evacuated to secure locations before the bomb disposal operation took place. Thanks to their expertise and careful work, the team successfully rendered the 100-kilogram bomb harmless, preventing any potential harm or damage. This operation underscores the importance of skilled professionals in dealing with historical wartime remnants.


Discovery of a 100-Kilogram Bomb from World War II in Singapore
Discovery of a 100-Kilogram Bomb from World War II in Singapore


The bomb’s safe defusal was made possible with the assistance of the Singapore Army, whose expertise was instrumental in handling this potentially dangerous situation. The Singapore Army even shared a video capturing the defusal process, showing the billowing smoke as the bomb was rendered harmless. Weighing a substantial 100 kilograms, this explosive device is considered one of the largest wartime relics ever unearthed in the city of Singapore. Its discovery and safe disposal serve as a poignant reminder of the historical wartime challenges faced by the region.

The police reported that this 100-kilogram bomb was discovered just last week at a construction site. Given the potential risks involved, authorities decided against any further delay and opted to deactivate the bomb right at the construction site. Working in collaboration with the army, the skilled team successfully defused this hefty 100-kilogram bomb, ensuring the safety of the surrounding area and averting a potentially dangerous situation. The prompt and coordinated efforts of law enforcement and the military played a crucial role in managing this historical relic safely.

As a precautionary measure, residents living in close proximity to the bomb site were instructed to evacuate their houses earlier. The police took this step to ensure the safety of the local community. However, once the bomb was successfully defused, authorities gave the green light for the evacuated residents to return to their homes, bringing relief and normalcy back to the area. This coordinated effort aimed at safeguarding lives and property underscores the importance of prompt action in handling such potentially hazardous situations.

In an intriguing historical note, a 100-kilogram bomb from the World War II era was previously discovered in 2016, as reported by the local newspaper, The Straits Times. This finding echoes the recent discovery of a similar bomb. In both instances, the wartime relics posed potential dangers and were appropriately dealt with to ensure public safety. It’s a stark reminder of Singapore’s wartime history when the city was under Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945, and the remnants of that era still occasionally surface, underscoring the need for careful handling and disposal of such artifacts.

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