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Bengaluru Speakeasy: Showcasing World’s Top Mixologists through Bar Takeovers

Bengaluru Speakeasy: Showcasing World’s Top Mixologists through Bar Takeovers

ZLB23 at The Leela Palace Bengaluru presents the finest bars from Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

The landscape of mixology in India is currently witnessing a surge of excitement. Bartenders are embracing upskilling opportunities like never before, leading to an elevated level of expertise. Moreover, Indian bars are basking in the glory of global recognition, with their unique offerings garnering attention on an international scale.

The realm of mixology is reaching new heights with the emergence of bar takeovers by acclaimed talents, adding an extra layer of innovation and creativity to the scene. Just recently, Bengaluru experienced an extraordinary event as Barcelona’s renowned Paradiso, which secured the top spot on the World’s 50 Best Bars list this year, took over the city’s cocktail scene.

The dynamic husband-wife co-owners, Giacomo Giannotti and Margarita Sader, infused the magic of their bar into the ZLB23 speakeasy at The Leela Palace Bengaluru, crafting the bar’s signature cocktails and enhancing the city’s cocktail culture.


ZLB23 speakeasy at The Leela Palace Bengaluru
ZLB23 speakeasy at The Leela Palace Bengaluru


According to Giacomo Giannotti, sustainability, low-alcohol cocktails, and technique-driven creative beverages are the most prominent trends shaping the world of mixology this year. The industry is witnessing a notable shift towards sustainable practices, which is not only limited to minimizing waste but extends to nurturing an overall eco-conscious approach.

Giannotti’s insights highlight a holistic perspective on sustainability, emphasizing the importance of being mindful about the tools and ingredients employed daily. At the forefront of sustainability initiatives at Paradiso is Margarita Sader, who takes charge of the bar’s sustainability projects.

Sader emphasizes that the essence of sustainability lies in genuine care for every facet of the bartending process, from the materials used to the operational methods followed. This translates into a broader effort of not just minimizing environmental impact but also educating and training the team to integrate sustainable practices seamlessly into their routine.

Paradiso boasts a unique feature that sets it apart: an annual menu that undergoes a captivating transformation. This year’s offering, aptly named “The Evolution of Humankind,” pays a tribute to pivotal discoveries and groundbreaking inventions throughout human history. An intriguing concept is showcased through every drink, as the menu delves into historical milestones and the innovative minds that shaped our world.

An exemplary creation from the menu is the “Tesla,” an ode to Nikola Tesla’s revolutionary breakthrough in the realm of electricity with alternating current. This drink arrives on a wooden platter accompanied by a refreshing, floral concoction and a functional coil resembling a lighter, which can be turned on and off. Upon presentation, the coil is ignited, casting an illuminating glow over the glass’s surface akin to a lava lamp, adding a dynamic visual element to the experience.

Another entrancing offering, “Copper,” draws inspiration from the bronze age, while “On Fire” embraces the smoky allure of the discovery of fire itself. This inventive creation utilizes all aspects of the sweet potato, from its flesh to peels, capturing the essence of this primal element. It is these artful and evocative concoctions that have propelled Paradiso into the league of must-visit destination bars for tourists, offering a taste of history and innovation blended with the world of mixology.

During the bar takeover at ZLB23, patrons were treated to the delightful concoctions of Tesla and Copper, along with an array of signature cocktails. The city’s beverage enthusiasts can anticipate a series of thrilling experiences in the upcoming months, as ZLB23 gears up to host takeovers by some of the most acclaimed bars from around the globe.

Collaborating with the esteemed drinks publishing platform, Dram Attic, led by Priyanka Blah, the Bengaluru speakeasy is set to create an unparalleled amalgamation of expertise and creativity. Notably, Priyanka Blah also serves as the academy chair, embodying the role of an expert advisor representing India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives at the prestigious World’s 50 Best Bars.

The convergence of such formidable talents is bound to infuse the local cocktail scene with unprecedented energy and innovation. In an exciting turn of events, the upcoming bars scheduled for takeovers at ZLB23 are esteemed names prominently featured on the coveted 50 Best List. Enthusiasts can anticipate captivating pop-ups by Himkok from Norway, Florería Atlántico from Argentina, and COA from Hong Kong, all poised to elevate the ZLB23 experience to new heights.


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