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Bareilly to Sitarganj: Progress and Compensation in Forelane Project – INR 66 Crore Distributed, Await Commencement Date

Bareilly to Sitarganj: Progress and Compensation in Forelane Project – INR 66 Crore Distributed, Await Commencement Date

Since the initiation of compensation distribution from Bareilly to Sitarganj, a new challenge has emerged involving certain farmers whose land is registered under the names of two individuals. This circumstance has led to significant obstacles in the disbursement of payments.

To illustrate, if a farmer possesses five hectares of land and shares ownership with two brothers, complications arise. In such cases, farmers are required to provide a verified report from the revenue officer of the pertinent area to resolve the complexities tied to the shared ownership, ensuring proper distribution of compensation.


Bareilly-Sitarganj Highway
Bareilly-Sitarganj Highway


Reporting from Bareilly, the Jagran correspondent brings to light the accelerated progress in the distribution of compensation following the conclusion of the land acquisition process for the Bareilly to Sitarganj Fourlane Bareilly-Sitarganj Highway.

As of Sunday, compensation exceeding Rs 66 crore has been disbursed to over 100 farmers, encompassing land acquisition from residents of 46 villages. Officials from the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) have indicated that road construction will commence once compensation has been distributed to 80 percent of the affected farmers, underscoring the pivotal role of compensation distribution in paving the way for the highway’s development.

Construction Underway for 71-Kilometer Long Fourlane Project

The ambitious project to construct a 71-kilometer long four-lane highway from Bareilly to Sitarangaj is progressing with an allocated budget of Rs 2,857 crore from the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). This project encompasses a stretch of 27.750 km in Bareilly, 30.650 km in Pilibhit, and 12.40 km in Udham Singh Nagar.

As part of this initiative, the construction of eight bypasses is also planned. Following a comprehensive two-year-long land acquisition process, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has recently embarked on the crucial phase of distributing compensation to over three thousand farmers from 46 villages whose lands have been acquired for this transformative project.

Up to the present moment, compensation exceeding 66 crores has been successfully disbursed to over 25 percent of the affected farmers. The mechanism for this compensation distribution involves the utilization of NHAI’s Bhoomi Rashi portal, facilitating a streamlined and efficient process for providing financial relief to the affected individuals.

Conversely, as the compensation distribution process gains momentum, a new challenge has emerged involving certain farmers with shared land ownership. This predicament has sparked complications in receiving their rightful payments. For instance, situations arise where a farmer possesses a five-hectare plot of land, jointly owned by two brothers.

In such cases, the farmer is required to provide an authenticated report from the revenue officer of the respective jurisdiction to address the complexities arising from shared ownership. It is worth noting that the construction of the highway has been entrusted to Raj Corporation Limited of Mainpuri, with the issuance of a tender last year for this purpose.

The distribution of compensation for the Bareilly-Sitarganj highway project is currently underway. The commencement of road construction is contingent upon the distribution of compensation to over 80 percent of the affected individuals. Notably, the tender process for this project has been successfully finalized. It is anticipated that the actual construction work will commence within the next two to three months, marking a significant step forward in the implementation of this ambitious highway project.


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