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Aligarh: Imam Jailed on Conversion Charges Released After Video Exposes Truth

An Imam from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh was arrested on charges of forcible conversion, but later the police found these allegations to be false. After no evidence of conversion was found, sections of the anti-conversion law were dropped on the Imam and he was released.

Aligarh: Hafiz Iqbal, an imam of a mosque accused of forcible conversion in Uttar Pradesh, has been released. Imam was jailed under the anti-conversion law. After a thorough investigation by the police, the allegations against him were found to be false, following which he was released on Friday evening.

Imam Hafiz Iqbal was detained in Aligarh following a complaint by a group of right-wing members. The complainants accused him of converting Hindus inside his mosque.

Recalling the incident, Imam, who has been in jail since August 7, said that I am grateful to the Muslim community who fought to get me out of jail. Several members of a right-wing group gathered outside the mosque and falsely accused me of being involved in forced conversions. 

He also brought a woman along with him to prove his claims. He said that the whole situation was created under a big conspiracy to wrongly implicate me in a false case, in which I was sent to jail.

However, the course of events took a different turn later on, particularly after a video began circulating on social media. This video purportedly depicted members associated with a right-wing group seemingly instigating a woman to physically confront the imam. In light of this viral footage, certain members of the minority community engaged with senior officials in Aligarh. They presented the video as substantiating evidence that called into question the authenticity of the initial narrative.

This development emphasized the power of visual evidence in the modern age, as social media facilitated the swift sharing of content that potentially shed new light on the situation. This turn of events compelled a reevaluation of the circumstances and played a pivotal role in prompting the authorities to reconsider their stance and subsequently order an inquiry into the matter.

Prompted by the situation at hand, the authorities took swift action by initiating an inquiry into the matter. Following a thorough and meticulous investigation, the police made the decision to withdraw the sections related to the anti-conversion law, which subsequently led to the release of the Imam from detention. On Saturday, DSP Aligarh Abhay Pandey announced that the case lacked substantiated evidence of conversion, thus warranting the removal of the aforementioned sections.

Told that only the section of cheating was imposed against the Maulvi in ​​the second remand from the police level. On which a bail application was filed. He was approved by the court and was released late in the evening. During this, the cleric said that he was falsely implicated. He is doing Imamat in this shrine since 2006. People come to him only to put his hand on their head in their pain. He was implicated in the conspiracy. In this matter, SP leader Zameerullah and BSP leader Salman Shahid also said that this is the victory of justice. 

This development marks a significant shift in the trajectory of the case, indicating that the initial allegations were not supported by concrete proof. Despite this turn of events, the investigation continues, underscoring the ongoing commitment to comprehensively examine all facets of the situation.



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