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After Nuh Violence, Disturbing Threats Issued at Haryana Mahapanchayat: Warning of Severing Hands

After Nuh Violence, Disturbing Threats Issued at Haryana Mahapanchayat: Warning of Severing Hands

During a large gathering organized by a Hindu group in Haryana, some speakers made dangerous threats. They warned that they might harm people who disagreed with them, even though there was a rule against spreading hateful speech given by the authorities. The organizers of the event said that they had cautioned the speakers not to say anything that could cause anger or violence.

Today, a gathering took place in the Palwal district to talk about a situation. This situation involved the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s religious march, which was attacked last month in Nuh. That attack led to a clash between different religious groups and sadly resulted in the deaths of six people. The purpose of this gathering was to discuss how to finish the march and address the tensions that arose from the previous incident.

Threats, Slogans At Haryana Mahapanchayat Despite Police Presence
Threats, Slogans At Haryana Mahapanchayat Despite Police Presence

At first, the big gathering, known as a mahapanchayat, was planned to happen in Nuh. However, because the police didn’t give permission for it to take place there, the location was changed to Palwal, which is about 35 kilometers away.

Later on, a community group called Sarv Hindu Samaj got permission to organize the gathering. They were allowed to hold it in Pondri village, which is situated at the border between Palwal and Nuh. However, this permission came with a set of specific rules and conditions that they had to follow.

According to NDTV, Lokendra Singh, the Palwal Superintendent of Police, mentioned that no one was allowed to give hateful speeches during the event. He also mentioned that if anyone did so, a case would be filed right away. Additionally, he stated that nobody should bring weapons, sticks, batons, or anything that could catch fire. He also pointed out that only 500 people were given permission to attend the event.

Haryana Violence: Curfew Relaxed On August 14, 15 In Nuh
Haryana Violence: Curfew Relaxed On August 14, 15 In Nuh

The purpose of the gathering was to talk about restarting a procession organized by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), which they call the ‘Brajmandal Dharmik Yatra’. This procession is scheduled to happen on August 28. According to NDTV, the mahapanchayat also aimed to request the release of young individuals who were arrested due to their involvement in conflicts between different communities and incidents of setting things on fire.

Before this incident, there was another gathering that happened in Gurugram, even though the police hadn’t given permission for it. The Hindu Samaj Mahapanchayat organized this gathering soon after the violence took place. During this event, they urged people to avoid doing business with Muslim traders. Notably, several other speeches promoting division between communities were also given at that gathering.

The VHP has announced that they’ve made a decision to finish the yatra on August 28. The yatra was initially disrupted by an attack on July 31 in Nuh. Devender Singh, who is a minister in the VHP division, mentioned to news agency PTI that all the Hindu groups have come together to agree on completing the yatra. They are optimistic that the yatra will be carried out with respect and excitement.

On Friday, the Gurugram Police appealed to the public to avoid shouting slogans that provoke conflicts, giving speeches that could stir up trouble, displaying banners that might offend any group, or engaging in actions that could upset the feelings of any community and disrupt the peaceful situation.

We didn’t make this request for a particular event or parade. The overall situation in the district is calm, and our appeal is solely to ensure that peace, law, and order are upheld, explained Varun Dahiya, who is the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime).

A number of farmer unions and Khap panchayats have called for calm and asked for the arrest of Monu Manesar, who is reportedly associated with cow protection groups. It’s claimed that his statement about participating in the procession on July 31 led to increased tension in the region.

Bajrang Dal leader Manisar wants to be charged with involvement in the deaths of two Muslim men earlier this year.


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